The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics

What is the role of the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics? One of the most important responsibilities in the State falls into the hands of Qatar’s highly competent PSA. The ministry takes charge in overseeing the overall vision for the country, working hand-in-hand with the various relevant authorities in order to further develop Qatar in a variety of aspects.

The Planning and Statistics Authority is responsible for the preparation of national development strategies as well as in following up its implementation. The planning processes and development projects all need to be in line with the state budget with efficient implementation plans. It takes charge of establishing an integrated statistical system, as well as in conducting and organizing formal statistical operations, censuses, surveys, and the dissemination of statistical data and products.

The PSA’s vision is to lead national efforts in order to make the lofty aspirations of Qatar National Vision 2030 a reality. The goal of these development strategies is to create a sustainable development plan to uplift the standards of living for all citizens. The PSA also functions in providing planned technical support for the implementation of these strategies. Along with a healthy promotion of both national and international partnerships, responsibilities include a heavy investment in workers, a commitment to excellence regarding quality frameworks, consistency in optimizing planning methodologies, and pursuing institutional development best practices all with transparency and accountability in all dealings and data.

Professional, objective, and accurate, the PSA’s data and statistical analyses provide a solid empirical foundation for the formulation of better policies for the country. In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, the relevant statistical subjects include:

  • Population
  • Births and Deaths
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Health
  • Time Usage
  • Labor Force
  • Special Needs
  • Media, Culture, And Tourism
  • Security and Jurisprudence
  • Research And Development
  • Education
  • Employment, Wages, and Working Hours
  • Civil Society Services
  • General Social Statistics
  • Sport
  • Household Income And Expenditure
  • Training
  • District Cooling
  • Water
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Physical and Climate Features
  • Electricity And Water
  • Building Permits and Buildings Completed
  • Foreign Investment
  • Business services
  • Building and Construction
  • Confidence Index
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Prices and Indices
  • General Economic Statistics
  • Foreign Trade
  • Transport and Communications
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Maritime Navigation
  • Agriculture
  • Social and Personal Services
  • Energy and Industry
  • National Accounts

The PSA is the official source of all statistical processes in Qatar. For instance, the Knowledge Center provides information on the latest PSA publications, while the GIS lets you utilize statistical data on maps via the GIS technology. Meanwhile, you will find all relevant books of interest at the library of the Planning and Statistics Authority. Whether you are pursuing further studies, aiming to open up a new business, or have any kind of professional endeavour to enhance your career in Qatar, you will need a trusted business consultancy partner to help you liaise with the PSA when requesting for data for any official purpose.

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