The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs

What is the role of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs? Its vision is to build a contemporary Islamic society along with fostering the Sharee’ah and cultural heritage. Its goal is to be able to preserve, develop, and guide all religious activity in the State via the active promotion of religious awareness. It places great value in the moral principles of the Qatari society as well as in the noble Quran and its sciences.

The ministry also aims to facilitate the affairs of Hajj and ‘Umrah and worship facilities, as well as utilize best initiatives and practices in cooperation with local and international organizations and institutions across the globe.

The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs takes great care of the affairs of Muslims in the field of Da’wah (call to Allah), in maintaining and refurbishing the mosques, and in providing supervision for the wellbeing of the Muslims.

The Department of Mosques’ Affairs is responsible for administration of the mosques in various areas of the country. This includes renovations and improvements in the carpets, enhancing sound systems, managing air conditioning works, and taking care of lighting, plumbing, and carpentry works. The Department of Da’wah and Religious Guidance, on the other hand, works in the field of Da’wah to Allah. This includes initiatives at the Quran Memorization Centers for both sexes. Meanwhile, the Da’wah Institute for Islamic Sciences contributes in qualifying preachers and Imams, as well as in supervising students of knowledge abroad.

The ministry is able to reach out to the surrounding environment and cooperate with different institutions in the government through the Department of Public Relations and Communication. There are also interactive projects with the private sector and civil society charity and humanitarian organizations. This also includes media relations, and can encompass managing visas, hotels, and travel tickets for Ministry guests during conferences and other social events. It’s also interesting to know that the Ministry publishes a monthly publication “Al-Minbar” for public awareness.

To further spread its initiatives, the ministry has also launched the website, which is an internationally and regionally multi-awarded site that presents the noble meanings of Islam as it reaches out to all kinds of people. The ministry also applies state-of-the-art e-government facilities that eliminate traditional paper-related work. This includes a digital switchboard that helps employees respond to various inquiries about employee salaries and immigration affairs.

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