The Importance of Police Clearance Certificate

The Importance of Police Clearance Certificate

Police clearance certificate is a common requirement for visa application, employment, migration, and education. But what it is exactly and why it matters to every citizen? What does it mean when you have this document? What are the factors that affects police clearance certificate? Read on to know more.

Police clearance is an official document issued by the state or government agency as a result of background check conducted by the local authority, usually the police. It is used to enumerate and identify any criminal records that applicants may have. This includes the following but not limited to arrest, conviction, lawsuits, and criminal proceedings.

Depending on country, police clearance is also known as good conduct certificate, judicial record extracts, and police clearance certificate in most Arab nations such as Qatar. In most cases, a police clearance certificate includes the personal information of the applicant, fingerprints, and details of the issuing agent.

Significance of Police Clearance Certificate

Regardless if it’s for work, education, or travel use, having a valid police clearance certificate means that you have no criminal records covering the time period of stay in the country. If for any reason you have been involved in any illegal activity or was arrested due to law violations, special notes depending on the issuing country will appear on your PCC stating the violation details.

In short, having a police clearance certificate shows how ethical and responsible you are as a visitor or resident. Unable to provide PCC raises questions from employers and travel authorities probing that you might not be a law abiding citizen of the country. For help and assistance, there are local agencies in Qatar that specializes in obtaining police clearance certificate.

Factors that affects Police Clearance Certificate

You have a substantial criminal record
If you have been convicted or imprisoned, this will show records on your PCC. Keep in mind that being imprisoned for more than 12 months might affect your police check. Also keeping in mind any impending case, unpaid loans or utility bills would make it difficult for you to obtain a PCC

Association to a criminal group
If you are a member of an organization, fraternity, or sorority with a bad record to the Ministry of Criminal Evidences and Information Department, this might impact the credibility of your PCC. Any involvement with the group, especially those with criminal activities, will raise suspicions.

You were involved in offensive acts
Applicants who are involved in any criminal or illegal act might find it difficult to obtain a police clearance certificate. Common cases include the following but not limited to human trafficking, drugs, smuggling, genocide, sexual offense, slavery, crime against humanity, and international concerns.

You have been convicted of escaping
Regardless if you have escaped before, during, or after detention, break out in any form is a form of escape. If you have been found guilty of escaping from authorities such as immigration or police, you might have difficulties getting PCC.

Record of immoral character
Your past and present record shows how upright you are as a citizen. If for any reason the authorities think that you are not of a good character, or can be a threat to the country, they are entitled to deny you a police clearance certificate.

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