Save the World with “Borrow a Bag”

Save the World with “Borrow a Bag”

In its highly commendable effort to reduce plastic waste, LuLu Hypermarket launches its “Borrow a Bag” scheme—a laudable program that lets customers borrow shopping bags. It is the first in the region to launch such an initiative, all to help cut down on plastic waste and to boost the dream of a cleaner, greener world.

“We will be introducing the “refill “ option in some selected categories soon,” an official said. “LuLu wants to offer a range of options to its shoppers to help them reduce plastic waste rather than imposing any one solution to its customers.”

The global problem of increasing plastic waste is increasing ever more at an alarming rate. With single-use plastics as one of the major culprits of this increasing problem of waste, the company has come up with an effective solution to help do its part. With the “Borrow a Bag” scheme, customers who have forgotten to bring their own shopping bag have the incredibly convenient option of borrowing a bag. These shoppers may also have purchased more than they initially expected, and so, offering them the option of borrowing a bag instead of purchasing one efficiently reduces plastic waste.

Furthermore, in addition to the use of bio-degradable plastic bags, LuLu Hypermarket will be introducing sustainably sourced paper as their shopping bags, as well as home compostable bags made from potato starch.

It is with these initiatives that the country will hopefully soar to great heights when it comes to recycling, sustainable shopping, and reducing plastic waste. Even with seemingly small steps such as these, every single citizen can help make a positive impact and do their own little part to help make this Mother Earth a better place to live by restoring it to its original green beauty for the betterment of future generations to come.

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