Qatar’s Ashghal helps boost development with effective citizen projects

Qatar’s Ashghal helps boost development with effective citizen projects

Comprehensive development is at an all-time high with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal)’s Infrastructure Development Projects of Citizens’ Sub-Divisions. As the projects that will be implemented will generate more than 1,543km of roads and 410km of pedestrian and cycle paths for the country, suffice it to say that these new endeavours are highly beneficial to the development of Qatar as a whole.

According to the research data available from Ashghal, there will also be infrastructure development works involved in the process. These include sewage, surface and groundwater, and treated sewage effluent (TSE) networks. All of these will have a total length of 1,180km—an impressive stretch of developments as presented by Noor Ashkanani from the Roads Projects Department at Ashghal.

During a recent function, 10 new contracts were signed to solidify these development movements. Between 2014 and 2017 alone, the authority already implemented infrastructure projects successfully that will serve more than 22,000 land plots which were distributed in 18 areas.

According to Ashghal president Dr Saad bin Ahmad al-Muhannadi, Ashghal greatly prioritizes the various infrastructure projects that are given based on directives from the government. It is also impressive to note that Ashghal already completed 23 projects regarding infrastructure development in different areas that serve the land plots of 15,108 citizens. In Doha North, Ashghal also established seven projects that serve more than 7,000 citizens’ plots. Then, within the vicinity of Doha, the authority accomplished four projects along with seven projects implemented in Muaither West (Al Manaseer) to serve more than 4,000 plots.

On top of this laudable performance, the authority also has four projects to develop sewage networks that will serve an estimated number of 3,000 plots. In the west of Doha city, there are five projects as well as 17 projects to further the enhancement of integrated infrastructure. These developments will serve 10,000 plots as well as two land-grading projects (this will serve 2,000 plots approximately).

Now, between 2018 and 2022, the authority has lofty plans to implement infrastructure development projects that will serve 32,855 land plots. This impressive goal will include 24,284 plots in existing areas, covering 14 areas and 8,571 in the plot areas of new citizens.

Last month, 10 contracts (all given to Qatari companies) were signed with a total value of around QR4bn. This new endeavour will serve more than 8,400 plots and will cover a great distance of 10 areas in the north, south, and west of the state.

When these projects are done, there will be a stunning advanced infrastructure established over 223km of roads and 325km of pedestrian and bicycle paths. There will also be more than 20,000 parking lots, all for the betterment of the investment landscape and transportation efficiency of Qatar in all of the years to come.

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