Qatari SMEs boosted by 5G innovation

Qatari SMEs boosted by 5G innovation

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MoTC) has asked New Waves Qatar founder and CEO, engineer Ahmed M Hassan, to evaluate Qatar’s SME sector. With the MoTC’s Digital Transformation of SMEs initiative, it is imperative that business models adapt to the changing times and the digital transformation of the ever-changing and increasingly mobile business scenario in the world.

“In countries where SMEs are adopting more advanced ICT, 5G technology will help small businesses and entrepreneurs to be more resilient and competitive, bringing enormous benefits,” said Hassan. “Every business in Qatar must plan to get the most benefits from the use of technology and to have a very strong web presence to market their business online, to reach more clients, to enable eCommerce when selling the products or services, and to enable cloud services to operate their business more efficiently. I believe this is the only way to keep your brand at the top of the market and to increase the market share of any SME.”

SMEs are encouraged to optimise business models and streamline processes through digital solutions, paving the way for innovation in the ICT sector. “This will generate huge opportunities for instantaneous communication between customers and co-workers. 5G networks will encourage SMEs to innovate. One example of such business innovation would be businesses developing interactive virtual reality (VR) technologies that could enable customers to enter dynamic video experiences,” continued Hassan. 5G technology infrastructure and high speed connections will then help businesses stream images, audio, and video without unnecessary latency in order to facilitate processes and boost job efficiency. “The advanced communication technologies can help firms communicate faster and cheaper with both its suppliers and clients,” said Hassan.

Furthermore, because there is a 99% internet use in Qatar and because most citizens conduct their affairs via their smartphone, SMEs must fully participate in this digital revolution in order to keep up with the times and continue providing valuable services to their customers, regardless of age and location.

Still, despite Qatar’s performance in this trend, there is much room left for improvement. “Although the impact of ICT on new services and products in Qatar are highly-extent as asserted by the Networked Readiness Index 2016, which ranked Qatar in thirds place among 139 countries, Qatar’s SME ecosystem in terms of digitisation and the use of technology still needs to be developed,” said Hassan. “The MoTC’s initiative is playing a main role in developing and sustaining Qatar’s ICT sector through different activities. They’re aiming to enhance the digital economy of Qatar and lead to increased investments and GDP growth.”

That said, it is imperative for SMEs to continue funding the ICT sectors and departments to further enhance Qatari industries and to increase foreign lucrative investments in all industries.

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