Qatar work permit: What you need to know

Qatar work permit: What you need to know

With Qatar’s National Vision 2030, the government is promoting a more diverse workforce wherein every individual is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and productivity. It aims to increase Qataris in the workforce while encouraging more expatriate talents and labour into the country as well.

The government is responsible for protecting the rights and the safety of all members of the workforce, ensuring the proper implementation of labour rights along with the salary protection system, all to make Qatar one of the most lucrative places to work across the globe.

As such, with the growing economy and the budding entrepreneurial landscape that’s full of blossoming opportunities for professionals all over the world, Qatar has one of the lowest unemployment rates with an abundance in job opportunities for both the public sector and the private sector. Especially as the 2022 World Cup looms in the horizon, the demand for even more workers has increased in line with continuously increasing infrastructure projects.

For anyone who wishes to find work in Qatar, there are plenty of online resources you can check. This includes the comprehensive website of Marhaba, where you will find not only a comprehensive guide on relevant resources but also a dedicated job seeker portal to aid you in your search. You can also go through the website of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

Once you have found a job and are qualified for it, your employer must provide you with a contract you have both agreed upon. After the contract of employment, you will be sent a temporary visa (you can check the status of your visa issuance through the Hukoomi portal or the website of the Ministry of Interior).

The process of obtaining a residence permit or a work permit begins with submitting a passport, fingerprint certificates, a good conduct certificate from your country of origin, and your latest educational certificate. All of these pertinent documents must be duly attested for complete authenticity, and must be translated accurately into Arabic. The attestation must also come from the embassy of your country, and then followed by the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then, you will be asked to complete a medical examination (it’s better if you set a schedule or do this by appointment through the Ministry of Public Health’s website to avoid any delays).

The Criminal Evidences and information Department will check these medical results along with your fingerprints, and you will be granted the permit as soon as the authorities are satisfied. Your work residence permits should be renewed by your employer every year.

Note that if you also wish to bring your wife and children to the State, they must be under your personal sponsorship. You will be asked to submit a salary certificate, a marriage certificate, and the birth certificates of your children, all of which must be duly attested and translated as well. The Hukoomi portal will also provide you with resources on how to apply for a family visa.

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