Qatar University and Msheireb Properties sign MoU

Qatar University and Msheireb Properties sign MoU

At the forefront of Qatar’s sustainable properties comes developer Msheireb Properties, and in co-operation with Qatar University, it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the area of smart cities at Msheireb Downtown Doha.

This MoU will build a strong foundation for the framework of a fruitful collaboration between the two with regard to research methods and exchange of experience when it comes to smart cities. Both parties will be able to perform a healthy exchange of valuable information through a wide range of platforms. These methods include journals, studies, newsletters, data statistics, and other information to increase the overall quality of projects in the field.

The MoU was signed by Mohamed Essa al-Boainain, acting chief officer – design and delivery at Msheireb Properties, and Professor Mariam Ali al-Maadeed, vice-president for Research and Graduate Studies Office at Qatar University. Distinguished representatives such as QU pre-awards manager Dr Abdelaziz Bouras were also in attendance.

That said, the two parties also have mutual interests in other aspects, which will lead to further studies, more research, and a great deal of productive meetings, conferences, and training sessions for the betterment and advancement of various fields.

According to Professor Mariam Ali al-Maadeed, “This agreement establishes the societal role of the Qatar University and raises the level of exchanging experiences and skills, especially in the field of smart cities with Msheireb Properties. Qatar University is proud to be a major contributor to applied research projects and providing results that are in line with meeting the needs of society and the industrial sector. It also highlights the commitment of Qatar University to provide research based on addressing contemporary challenges in the state of Qatar by developing effective and sustainable solutions.”

Furthermore, according to Ali al-Kuwari, acting CEO of Msheireb Properties, “Msheireb Properties always endeavours to build partnerships with local organisations to share its expertise in many fields. As the smartest and most sustainable fully-built city district in the world, we are glad to formalise this agreement with Qatar University to provide students with detailed information and practical experience in the area of smart cities.

“Msheireb Downtown Doha is now a case study for local and international organisations as the first and largest smart and sustainable downtown regeneration project, which changes the way people think about urban living and leverage from the smart technology on our daily life. It also enhances the image of Qatar across the world as a leading country in smart and new urban building.”

Msheireb Properties takes pride in its vast wealth of experience when it comes to smart and sustainable development. It aims to build partnerships with both local and international entities in order to boost the mission of revolutionizing urban living. All this is to help improve the overall quality of life for all Qatari citizens. Using laudable innovations that foster proper cultural respect and a vibrant social interaction sphere, it can also care for the environment in more ways than one in the field of smart cities.

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