Qatar organisations set to optimise consumption with Ooredoo Industrial Metering

Qatar organisations set to optimise consumption with Ooredoo Industrial Metering

A new Industrial Metering solution from Ooredoo now enables organisations to capture their energy and water usage accurately and efficiently. Organisations can now optimise the consumption, costs, and safety when it comes to energy usage, and will no longer need to face various challenges regarding spend reduction.

This new Industrial Metering solution aims to eliminate the old issues of organisations that wish to reduce costs without the knowledge of how or which departments had the most consumption. Previously, companies had difficulties determining where to cut costs as they did not know which sectors were recording the most energy and water usage. This had proven to be a problem regarding pinpointing the exact areas to save on consumption costs and reduce usage. This was especially problematic as organisations with rented facilities or storage spaces took a great deal of time-intensive and error-prone manual readings when charging their tenants. Energy and water consumption had to be checked via manual sub-meters in facilities, all in order to collect usage data to be able to record the appropriate charges related to energy costs of tenants.

Now, with the latest developments in the Ooredoo Industrial Metering, energy and water usage data can be automatically captured. This information will also be readily accessible from the central office of the organisations. Granular usage reports with breakdown by departments can enable management to directly observe which building sections are consuming the most energy, as well as study and understand consumption patterns for further optimisation.

According to Yusuf Abdulla al-Kubaisi, chief operating officer of Ooredoo Qatar, “Our Industrial Metering solution continues to expand our growing Internet of Things portfolio. This new solution helps Qatar’s organisations to better manage their costs, and to improve efficiencies and safety, both for their own operations and for their tenants. Industrial Metering’s real-time analytics can allow organisations to transform and optimise their operations and to even enable new services to their clients.”

Now, respective organisations with rented space can easily check updated readings from their sub-meters within facilities. This new technology enables them to generate cost reports, which they can then present to their tenants for appropriate charges. Along with this new development comes the real-time data that can be captured and used to detect and alert critical events. This includes critical high consumption, water leakage, and power outages.

This end-to-end cloud-based solution already includes all components that cover mobile Internet of Things connectivity, applications and services (built on Ooredoo’s innovative IoT Platform), and hardware. This new technology is in keeping with making Qatar’s organisations more internationally competitive in this global marketplace, as well as allowing them to stay at the top of their game, with the highest standards of quality and high security standards.

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