Qatar gears up for National Vision 2030 objectives

Qatar gears up for National Vision 2030 objectives

Perhaps no other undertaking is as momentous as the Qatar National Vision 2030. Government bodies, private organizations, and eager citizens have all underscored laudable efforts to help implement the goals stated in the said vision, prompting the whole nation to spring forward to great new heights as a whole. Coherent strategies and development projects have been set in motion since these goals have been set in place, aligning objectives with the Commission for Social Development and even the United Nations.

According to a statement made by HE Ghanem Mubarak al-Kuwari, assistant undersecretary for social affairs at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, Qatar is making efficient use of competent authorities to help achieve adequate and appropriate housing for everyone. In line with this, the housing law regulates appropriate housing covering all the different sectors of society. The law is also in charge of regulating the right to housing in terms of housing with a loan. This includes individuals covered by the social security programme, as well as those who are able to pay off scheduled loans.

The statement was made before the 58th session of the UN Commission for Social Development.

Furthermore, he stated that the advantages of the housing law include long-term financing in instalments that are comfortable and reasonable. There will also be provision of lands, which will be intended for construction without cost. Also at no cost to citizens will be the drawing of approved engineering pans, as well as basic utilities like water and electricity. There will also be services for demolishing and rebuilding homes without cost for citizens (this includes maintenance as well).

For workers, there are also provisions concerning suitable housing with detailed specifications and conditions. The suitable housing for expatriate workers will be regulated according to international standards. Along with this are necessary health requirements for the housing of the workers. To make sure that these are duly adhered to, there will be sudden periodic inspections by the Labour Inspection Department at the ministry. These requirements will also be implemented as Qatar continues to eye several residential cities for workers.

For 2017-2022, the population policy that is adopted by the nation aims to create a good balance between the growth of the population and sustainable development requirements. This primary goal must ensure that residents of Qatar have a decent life that expands options and levels of participation for all citizens, as well as raising their individual capabilities for the betterment of the whole society.

On top of this, the National Committee for Woman, Child, Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Affairs was also established to help protect and promote the rights of the elderly, the women and children, and persons with disabilities. This comes as a recent decision from the Council of Ministers. The National Committee has taken significant steps and has gone through great lengths to ensure that these groups are well protected and well monitored. There will also be due follow-ups to promote these goals in relation to international agreements and the study of legislation as well as amendments to covenants ratified by the country.

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