Qatar boosts government efficiency with advanced online services

Qatar boosts government efficiency with advanced online services

In this increasingly mobile world, more and more corporations are moving towards online services in order to better cater to an ever-growing global market. But why should big conglomerates in the business sector or entrepreneurial start-ups be the only ones taking advantage of the positive effects that the World Wide Web has to offer? In a groundbreaking move to strive for a centralised and online-centric service to the people, the Qatar government boosts its efficiency with a wealth of e-services for those who live and work in Qatar.

For instance, the revolutionary Hukoomi is a nationwide effort spearheaded by the Ministry of Transport and Communication in cooperation with public service providers, government ministries, and other relevant agencies to respond to the needs of businesses, citizens, and professionals in a prompt and easily accessibly manner.

Through the Hukoomi portal, the general public can have access to a unified digital platform both online and via mobile devices. As an example, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has a variety of electronic services for the public in line with the Qatar E-Government 2020 Strategy for government transparency and effectiveness.

Qatar’s digital transformation not only covers public services, but it also helps streamline processes for anyone who wishes to pursue further studies in the State, as well as those who wish to expand their business ventures in the free zones. Anyone who wishes to further their career professionally can also benefit from all of these e-services. Furthermore, the government agencies themselves can also benefit from an easier, quicker, and more organized method of communication with each other.

For individuals who are not yet living or working in Qatar, the Ministry of Interior is already making it easier for everyone to check their pending documents, monitor the status of their applications, and track the processes concerning visas and residence permits. Departments such as immigration services, passports, traffic sectors, and even criminal evidence and intelligence are all better streamlined via online e-portals. The Metrash2 mobile phone app alone is revolutionizing the system by allowing users to report and dispute traffic violations via their smart devices, among many other features.

These online services save individuals the hassle of heading to the ministries’ physical locations and falling in line or braving the commute just for a single submission. Without having to wait in long lines for a simple document, people’s lives are made even easier and a lot of time and effort is saved.

Among the 250 services for all kinds of users on the website, individuals can check “e-services.” The “Services” tab and the “Inquiries and Requests” tab have their own functions. For instance, residents can check the status of their exit permits using their Qatar ID number, as well as monitor their visa application process and apply to change their visa type.

With these increasingly online features for all Qataris, more and more businesses both locally and abroad can benefit from the economic and technological development of the country as a whole.

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