Public Works Authority sets service fees

Public Works Authority sets service fees

As per the Ministerial Resolution (No. 211) of 2019, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will set various fees for its wide range of services to establishments and individuals. As divided into three categories, the services include usage of networks, connecting to these networks, and providing certain permits. These permits will be for services that are related to the operations and maintenance of networks, for drainage, roads, or otherwise.

For Qatari households, foul water is drained from organisations to the network of sewage water free of charge. There will, however, be a fee of 20% of the monthly water bill for all non-Qatari houses and organisations as billed by the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa). For Qataris, the first house connected to the sewage water network is free of charge, and will have a service charge of QR12,000 for succeeding houses. For non-Qataris, the first house will be charged QR6,000 and the succeeding houses will be QR12,000.

There will also be a fee for renewing and issuing permits for sewage water tankers. This will be at QR50, while QR1 per cubic metre is the fee for discharging wastewater via tankers into the treatment plants.

Fees are necessary in order to help with the costs of maintaining overall efficiency and performance of all the networks and the households and organisations connected to them. For instance, the treated water is used in the irrigation of green areas, as well as in fodder agriculture. This can also be reused to help beautify roads, contribute to various cooling systems, and help with factories and road projects. If an establishment wishes to use treated water, the institution must submit a request according to the Ministerial Resolution. Connecting to the treated water network will incur a connection cost, with a rate of 1 Dirham per cubic metre for using the treated water for agricultural and fodder purposes. The rate will be 25 Dirhams per cubic metre for beautification and industrial usage.

For developers and contractors, the fee for requesting a dewater permit is QR300. The same is true for renewal of the permit as well.

Ashghal will also be duly in charge of providing permits for excavation works in accordance with the Law No. (14) of 2015 on “Organisation of Works within the Road Corridor”. This includes diversions or closures, as well as the extension or maintenance of utility lines. For companies who wish to know more about the granting of these permits, you can find more information through the customer zone portal on its official website. You will also find the required documents for submission on the portal.

Billing for these various costs will be sent by Ashghal via e-mail to help simplify and facilitate processes. Payment portals include credit card facilities, bank deposits, and so on at customer service centres.

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