Nationwide seminars boost Qatari SMEs digital technology

Nationwide seminars boost Qatari SMEs digital technology

This August, the Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Business Enterprises (DTSME) team will be launching a series of seminars that aim to boost Qatar’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) know-how on digital technology for business. Among these workshops is the DTSME’s “Emerging Tech Series”, which will also include the second edition of the “Arab Women in Tech” seminar.

As part of an initiative of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), these seminars promise to offer insightful tips and tricks and valuable knowledge on how SMEs can apply various digital technology in developing the innovative initiatives in their companies.

The “Arab Women in Tech: Emerging Women in Emerging Tech” was the first edition of the “Arab Women in Tech” series, which focused on the groundbreaking record of Arab women when it comes to technological entrepreneurship, as well as highlighted the many contributions to the field regarding capitalising on digital transformation solutions. A number of esteemed Arab women shared their important insights, proving their expertise and educating the future generation with a healthy exchange of views on the crucial role of Arab women in the industry. The second part will help more participants explore exciting new opportunities to inspire and further boost the developments and awareness in digital technologies for SMEs.

The DTSME programme was launched in 2018 by HE the Minister of Transport and Communications Jassim Seif Ahmed al-Sulaiti. Its main vision was to encourage and enable Qatar’s SMEs to improve on their digital technologies when it comes to business applications. The Ministry expects over 5,000 SMEs to gain valuable insights and irreplaceable knowledge from the programme by the end of the year. On top of the important technological tools the participants are expected to have after the seminars, the workshops also offer know-how on transforming one’s business, solving issues on data protection and encryption, ensuring safe recovery and secure data storage, dealing with data loss, establishing a cloud-based data backup solution, expanding tech horizons, and networking with various industry professionals as key takeaways from each event.

The seminars include “Keep Your Company Data Secure” by Ooredoo, “Secure your Business: Early Threat Detection”, “Talent Match with Automated Intelligence, “How to Build Intelligent Chatbots for your Business”, “Secure Payment Process”, “E-commerce Using Digital Effectively to Become Global”, “Cloud Adoption: Grow Your Business Using Cloud Technologies”, “Future Technologies of Online Shopping”, “Work Smart, Work Fast on a Digital Core”, “Cyber Security Modern Strategies”, “Emerging Tech Series: XReality”, and “Optimised Recruiting Processes.”

All these aim to propel Qatar to be at the forefront of digital innovation regarding business acumen toward a more digitized global future.

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