Msheireb project leads global Qatar advancement

Msheireb project leads global Qatar advancement

As it aims to be a world-class green city of the future, Msheireb Downtown Doha will transform the capital city and pave the way for technologically advanced yet sustainable business hubs all over the globe.

The project uses new architectural language that is inspired by Qatari culture and rooted in the State’s traditional heritage, reviving the old commercial district by breathing fresh life that’s simple, light, invigorating, and focused on renewable technologies. The green project pays special attention to the highest global standards in green architecture, making this new civic and social hub a haven for everyone to live, work, and spend quality time with loved ones doing enjoyable recreational activities.

With a project cost of approximately QAR20 billion, the 31-hectare-space began in 2010 and is now in its final stage of development. Boasting of over a hundred buildings and more than 10,000 parking spaces, Msheireb Downtown Doha is located at the heart of the thriving capital. The strategic location is in relation to the Hamad International Airport, as well as the picturesque Corniche in the northwest. This laudable urban regeneration opens up Qatar to more business opportunities, making it more lucrative for foreign investors, residents, professionals, and anyone wishing to further their studies or their career in Qatar.

“We are the first to introduce the cool pool system in Qatar and have the largest number of PV solar panels in the country,” said Director of Marketing at Msheireb Properties Clark Williams. The green features also include rainwater harvesting and cool outdoor overhangs, as well as solar water panels and PV solar panels. There is also a fully automated waste collection system, the largest in the country, and one of the biggest Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants. All of these aim to produce less waste with fewer resources, leading to an overall reduction in carbon footprints.

According to the internationally recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, the city district takes pride in targeting an average “Gold” rating. This mission is also in line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

“We have one of the world’s largest underground connected car parks with provisions to accommodate thousands of vehicles at any given time,” Williams added. There will be a metro station that can cater to 25,000 passengers every hour, an outdoor pedestrian shopping street which will be the longest in Qatar, and 430km of fiber optic network connections. It also hosts the “largest connected fire safety systems” in the whole region, with advanced safety measures and security systems of over 9,000 CCTV cams.

“We also have one of the largest monitored developments using close to a million sensors and devices around the city – above and below ground level,” Williams continued.

With this kind of state-of-the-art development, an ambitious goal, and a nation that is determined to be at the forefront of economic and technological advancement, there is no doubt that Qatar remains to be and will continue to be one of the most attractive landscapes for business owners and professionals alike.

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