Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications

What is the role of the Ministry of Transport and Communications? The ministry aims to achieve sustainable development of the country as a whole in all aspects, including human, social or economic sectors. Because both transportation and communication play a crucial role in the day-to-day dealings of modern life, the ministry must stay vigilant in its responsibilities of ensuring that goods and services for communities and individuals are developed accordingly. The improvement of transport and communications is closely intertwined with the overall enhancement of various other government sectors such as agriculture, mining, and trade, which is why the delivery of goods and service must always be done efficiently and cost-effectively.

In line with the admirable goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030, the ministry commits itself to hard and diligent work through various projects that enhance land, maritime, and aviation transportation systems. Programs implemented must always be done with best practices in mind and with the latest technologies in tow. More importantly, the MOTC must oversee the development of the information and communications technology sector so that the economy of Qatar can become more diversified. This goes hand-in-hand with the improvement of e-government programs that boost the capacity of individuals and increase digital literacy for a more technology-friendly environment throughout the whole nation.

With regard to how the country communicates, lives, and works, the MOTC must be able to inspire the whole nation including public and private entities to cooperate in trying to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Services of the MOTC include setting clear and transparent processes for all parties involved when it comes to procurement requests and projects management in the government. Law No. 26 of 2005 promulgates the Tenders and Bids, while the Council of Minister’s Decision No. 22 of 2016 issues the Executive Regulations of Law No. 24 of 2015 on Regulation of Tenders and Auctions. If you wish to conduct official business regarding tenders, and you want to do business with the MOTC, announcements and proposals can be announced through

In addition, the following are just some of the e-services that the MOTC provides for all citizens:

Small crafts

  • Add partner to Ownership
  • Annual licenses Renewal
  • Craft Deletion
  • Craft Mortgage Decomposition
  • Craft Specification Amendment
  • Delete partner from Ownership
  • Issue Lost Replacement Licenses
  • Issue owners sequence certificate
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Small Craft Registration

Big vessels

  • Application for Certificate of Qatar Registry
  • Application for CoC Endoresment
  • Application for Issue the Certificate of Specification Amend
  • Application of Mortgage Registration
  • Application of Non Encumbrance
  • Application of Ownership Transfer for vessels
  • Application Trading for issued the certificate of seaworthiness
  • Derating Certificate
  • Issuance and Renewal of Maritime Agencies Licenses
  • Issuance and Renewal of Maritime Shipbrokers licenses
  • Issue Lost Replacement Licenses
  • Issued the Certificate of Report Marine Incident
  • Issuing a Certificate of Authorization
  • Issuing a Certificate of Extension
  • Issuing a Certificate of Relaxation Registration for vessels
  • Issuing a certificate of safety insurance
  • Issuing a Certificate To Whom it May Concern
  • Issuing Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) Document
  • Issuing exemption certificates
  • Issuing NOL for the announcement of a navigational warning
  • Issuing Qatar Provisional Registration Certificates
  • Issuing vessel deletion certificate
  • Preliminary Approval for issuing Commercial Licenses of shipping activities
  • Preliminary Approval for sailors’ training centers recognition
  • Recognition Certificate for sailors’ End of service
  • Safe Manning Certificate
  • Seaman’s Discharge Book
  • Vessel Engaged in Operations in Qatar Waters

Land Transport

  • Application for preliminary approval of Land Transport Activities
  • Application for preliminary approval of Land Transport Activities for rent Cars and limousine

Shared Services & Applications

  • e-Payment Platform
  • Government Cloud Services – Sadeem
  • Government Data Exchange System
  • Government e-Correspondence System (Morasalat)
  • Government Enterprise Agreements
  • Government Network
  • Media Analytics Service
  • National Authentication Service
  • Qatar Government Contact Center
  • Shared Government Data Center
  • SMS Gateway

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