Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Public Health

What is the role of the Ministry of Public Health? With its vision of being able to provide ample opportunities for a robust health care system in the country, the MOPH aims to become a world leader in advanced health care. It wishes to see the future of the Qatari people as they achieve their full potential for the betterment of the whole community and the families of every individual in the nation.

In order to achieve exponential success in the country’s health care system, there must be successful and efficient implementation of vibrant and ambitious programs to ensure the health and overall wellbeing of the people for a more productive society. The program aims to achieve all of these in line with the essence of “Caring for the Future”.

What does this slogan mean? To guarantee positive results, every individual must be encouraged to live healthier and happier lifestyles. These can only be achieved via high-quality community-based primary care, as well as world-class facilities that never stop keeping up with the latest trends in the frontiers of science and technology and in the ever-growing field of research.

When it comes to the conditions of the medical marketplace, there must always be a constantly improving focus on the latest information technology, financing programs, health care support, evidence-based policies, and innovative measures of enhancing the wellbeing of every household.

The MOPH must also be able to guide the medical reforms in Qatar in order to elevate the country to the highest level when it comes to admired and world-renowned health systems. Not only should progress be constantly nurtured, it must also be closely monitored to make sure that situations do not regress. This also includes being able to monitor the performance, quality, and effectiveness of primary care facilities, hospitals, health centers, and other private and public service providers to guarantee that targets are met promptly and cost-effectively.

Every Qatari citizen must be able to feel like they have easy and ready access to health care whenever they need it. The MOPH must also be able to control the spread of infectious diseases, as well as increase awareness in coordination with other relevant government agencies on environmental and public safety promotion, making sure that the country is ready for any public health emergency.

For instance, the MOPH provides public services that include the National Immunization Program, striving to reduce and eliminate the spread of pneumonia, choking, brain damage, heart problems, liver damage, paralysis, and so on via effective and affordable vaccines for children. Under the MOPH, the Medical Commission also ensures that any individual entering Qatar is fit and healthy enough to become an upstanding and productive member of society, as they are screened for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and TB.

The MOPH provides birth and death services such as providing the births record, requirements for issuing the birth certificate, birth notification and registration form, deaths record, requirements for issuing the death certificate, the death registration form, and so on. In line with this, you will need strong and reliable liaisons with the MOPH when it comes to various requirements and applications that you need to submit. Having a trusted business consultancy partner to assist you every step of the way ensures that all of your required paperwork and submissions will be done on time and comprehensively.

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