Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior

What is the role of the Qatar Ministry of Interior? The MOI is responsible for making sure that the citizens of the country have a stable well-being. It must be able to possess a deep understanding of the threats that the country may encounter, visible or hidden, direct or indirect, internally and within the ministry environment as well as externally. It should be able to come up with and effectively implement strategies that will be able to counter these challenges and threats for the sake of the nation’s stability and security.

The strategic vision of the Ministry of Interior involves being able to achieve the maximum degree of security for the citizens and the whole country, as well as establishing firm stability under the rule of law. The performance of these security measures must be implemented with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism, all while fostering a healthy environment of partnership and cooperation within the community.

These strategies must take into consideration the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar and the Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as the Arabic and Islamic Culture and Heritage and Authentic Qatari Norms and Traditions among others. The MOI must be able to strengthen the elements of stability and security in the country, and propose various plans, policies, and programs. This includes strict implementation after adoption as well as overseeing the programs using effective legislative instruments. Both the private and public entities involved must be supervised and issued licenses if necessary for the utmost quality control. These plans must also work hand-in-hand with other relevant bodies of authority in developing relations between countries and international organizations. Coordination between institutions is crucial when it comes to mutually beneficial contracts and agreements that will not compromise the security of all parties involved. Moreover, the ministry must be able to represent Qatar at Arab, regional, and international conferences in order to uphold the cultural heritage of the people.

As per the Ministry of Interior, it is mainly “concerned to maintain security and public order and public morals,  to protect  lives, honor and properties to ensure the safety and security of the homeland, citizens and all those who reside in the State or enter its territory,  to take all necessary means to prevent crimes and to control them,  to organize issues of nationality and entry and residence of expatriates, and  to secure and protect important public buildings and facilities in the state.”

That said, you will need to have solid liaisons with the MOI regardless of the kind of official activity that you are conducting inside the country in order to make sure that your actions and operations do not compromise the national security of the State. It helps to have a trusted business consultancy partner who will guide you every step of the way when it comes to submissions, applications, licenses, inquiries, status updates, attestations, apostille, translations, and so much more so that there won’t be any delays on your day-to-day activities.

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