Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Services

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Services

Qatari Citizens can enjoy a variety of embassy services as offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar. The Consular Affairs Department duly responds to any of the citizens’ inquiries as well as the issues of residents both inside and outside of Qatar.

Diplomatic and consular missions include the issuance of transit tickets to newborn Qatar citizens who are abroad, as well as issuing the same for nationals who lose their passports in foreign countries. New passports may also be issued to Qatari nationals if their passports expire abroad for treatment reasons, educational reasons, or long durations of training courses.

In case there is no Qatar embassy in the foreign country where the Qatari national lost his or her passport, the MOFA can also help facilitate the return of the citizen into the State. In general, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protect the interests of all Qatari nationals abroad and provide their issues with the utmost attention and care.

The Consular Affairs Department also helps facilitate and receive visa applications from embassies and consulates for a wide range of cases. This is especially true when some instances do not allow required paperwork to be applied for via the electronic visa system.

The MOFA can offer assistance in processing the following official documents:

  • Commercial Documents
  • Certificate of origin
  • Packing List or Manifest
  • Business contracts
  • Commercial power of attorney
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Civil Documents
  • Guarantee Document
  • Property Sale Contract
  • Property Lease Contract
  • Mortgage Contract
  • Document of Deposit
  • Personal Status Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Certification of Will
  • Certification of Endowment
  • Certification of Maturity
  • Inheritance Enumeration Certificate
  • Record of will reception and unsealing
  • Marriage Contract
  • Certificate of divorce
  • Approvals of marriage non-objection
  • Marital Approvals
  • Judiciary Documents
  • Authorizations
  • Litigation papers
  • Arbitration documents
  • Education Documents
  • Academic certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Medical reports

As the State also endeavours to protect all Qatari nationals both locally and abroad, the MOFA also aims to provide assistance to travellers who may encounter issues while in a foreign land. Travel advice includes ensuring that all passports and identity card are effective and valid at all times. Guidelines also include obtaining your visas in advance just to be on the safe side, as well as knowing how to notify the officials of the State of Qatar at the nearest embassy in case any problems arise. As such, it’s best to keep the numbers of the Qatar Embassy in the host country for reference.

When dealing with the MOFA, having a trusted business consultancy partner with strong liaisons with the department can help you conduct your affairs stress-free and hassle-free.

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