Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance

What is the role of the Qatar Ministry of Finance? The MOF is in charge of regulating the various financial policies of the State, as well as of overseeing public finances, drafting budgets, implementing the Annual State Budget, and refining the fiscal strategy of the nation—all done and managed in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. It is the vision of the Ministry of Finance to be able to use the financial resources of the State effectively and efficiently towards the lofty goal of the QNV 2030, and as such, it aims to be able to adopt successful financial methods and best practices for the betterment of the country and its citizens as a whole.

The MOF also takes pride in its expertise in applying concise financial policies that manage the financial performance of the State. It places great value in trustworthy partnerships with various stakeholders both locally and abroad, as well as in transparency and credibility especially when it comes to accountability in finances. With its commitment to the highest standards of excellence and innovation, the MOF also strives to achieve comprehensive employee development and improvement with a goal-oriented and motivated mindset that knows no bounds.

Strategically, the goals of the MOF include maintaining financial stability in Qatar, implementing the fiscal policy for overall enhancement, and improving the position of the country as one of the most robust and thriving economies in the whole world. To achieve this, the MOF must be able to allocate financial resources and fiscal strategies through effective, measurable, and practical management. It should be able to implement funding plans and strictly observed budgets relating to both international and local developments, all while utilizing the ever-growing and ever-changing links in information technology for complete financial reform when needed.

The MOF is a valuable body of government that will help you with a wide variety of financial concerns, whether you are aiming to establish your own company in Qatar or seeking to expand your investment opportunities. You will need assistance and ministry support when it comes to salaries and wages, capital expenses, current expenses, major public projects, miscellaneous revenues, and so on. The MOF can also help you with various Government Procurement Services such as the online registration of suppliers according to your company activities, announcement of Tenders and Auctions (these are properly advertised in all stages starting from the actual announcement until the tender), inquiries and status updates on tenders, document requirements for submitting certificates of classification, obtaining electronic resource classification requests, applying for classification as an online service provider or an electronic contractor, and so on.

In dealing with the Ministry of Finance, it helps to have a trusted business consultancy partner who will help you liaise with the ministry in all matters regarding your official business in Qatar, from comprehensive paperwork submissions to translations and attestation for your utmost convenience.

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