Ministry of Energy and Industry

Ministry of Energy and Industry

What is the role of the Ministry of Energy and Industry? As one of the leading sources of fuel energies in the whole world, Qatar strives to further enhance energy revenues as well as discover new and diversified sources of energy each day. The Ministry of Energy and Industry helps with laying this solid economic foundation in the country by establishing ultra-modern infrastructures that continuously improve the investment climate regarding energy sources in the State.

The Ministry is committed to measure up and even exceed expectations of both private national and foreign industrial investments by innovating on national industrial bases that are diversified from oil revenues as sole income sources. This includes the import of industrial products in order to achieve ambitious income diversification policies for the betterment of the whole economy. To be able to optimize the utilization of natural resources, industrialization must be moderated well to create better chances and more lucrative opportunities that enable the State to integrate international economic systems. This not only helps in the healthy diversification of energy sources, but it also helps to achieve balanced and stable growth rates overall. Plus, these strategic initiatives greatly contribute to the industrial sector’s role in the country’s gross domestic product.

In response to the changing needs and future challenges of the country, the Ministry takes pride in advancing oil revenues, laying out solid foundations in oil and gas development, and establishing modern infrastructures that will keep Qatar at the forefront of energy technological advancements and innovative strategies for growth.

The different departments of the Ministry of Energy and Industry include the following:

  • The Department of Industrial Development (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)
  • The Department of Industrial Estates (new Industrial Area)
  • The Department of Management common services (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)
  • The Department of Energy (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)
  • The Unit of Public Relations and Communication (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)
  • The Unit of The Internal Audit (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)
  • The Unit of Legal Affairs (City Tower, West Bay, Doha)

Because the Ministry has a pivotal role in achieving the aforementioned goals, it further aims to boost economic growth via the development and active support of various industrial ventures, as well as the optimisation of value addition when it comes to intermediate materials. This, in turn, will encourage the private sectors to also amp up its contribution to overall industrial development, going hand-in-hand with the discovery of clean energy-intensive industries.

With this is mind, any official businesses conducted with the Ministry will require complete sets of documentation, whether you’re applying for certain permits, submitting paperwork for licenses, or simply looking for strong, solid liaisons with the Ministry. A trusted business consultancy partner can assist you with submitting complete and accurate sets of requirements with quick turnaround times to avoid any unnecessary delays no matter what your purpose may be.

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