Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Defense

What is the role of the Ministry of Defense? Simply put, it is solely responsible for the crucial role of defending the homeland. The fighting units led by the Ministry include the Qatar Emiri Land Forces, the Qatar Emiri Air Forces, and the Qatar Emiri Navy Forces. Defense strategies are guided accordingly by the Qatar Constitution.

To specify, the Qatar Armed Forces is composed of over 12,000 personnel. This is due in part to the mandatory requirement made in 2015 for Qatar citizens to be conscripted in the army. This mandate is able to garner an average of 2,000 graduates every single year. Qatari men between the ages of 18 and 35 years old (given that they are college graduates) must train in the military for a minimum duration of three months. If the said men have high school diplomas of if they have dropped out of school, then the minimum duration for required training must be four months. As the biggest part of Qatar’s Armed Forces, the Qatari Amiri Land Force is more than capable of countering terrorist attacks for the safety of all of the citizens of Qatar everywhere.

Meanwhile, the Qatar Amiri Navy or the Qatar Amiri Naval Forces regularly participates in joint exercises with the US and other countries in order to be fully equipped to defend the country against any kind of infiltration attempt into the territory of Qatar. This also includes the Coast Guard, Marine Police, and the Coastal Artillery.

On the other hand, the Qatar Amiri Air Force has a proud personnel strength of over 2,500. It takes great pride in its air capabilities with doubling equipment stocks, fighter jets, transport aeroplanes, and helicopters.

On a lighter note, the Directorate of Moral Guidance at the MoD lets the Qatari Armed Forces participate in various events and activities throughout the country during certain celebrations. During such spectacles, audiences can experience lively music battalion unit shows, useful hand-to-hand combat shows, exciting parachute landings, and thrilling live military shows. Old and modern machineries will be showcased at times, as well as military navy and flight simulators. For a more interactive experience, the Armed Forces Exhibition allows the public to witness events in various rooms with the Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force, and Special Forces. For children, they can experience actual training sessions of the Special Forces via participating in passing the barriers bridges as well as in descending off the tower.

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