Medical Commission: Health Screening Before You Enter Qatar

Medical Commission: Health Screening Before You Enter Qatar

The Medical Commission Department is responsible for screening newcomers to Qatar in order to make sure that infectious diseases do not enter the country. The infectious diseases include HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and TB.

The Qatari government ensures that Qatar remains to be a disease-free nation, requiring individuals by law to take a medical exam upon arrival in the State. Not only does this protect the health of the entire population as a whole, but this also protects the newcomers themselves and makes sure that the spread of infectious diseases is prevented.

For expatriates who wish to expand their professional career in Qatar, or for any individual who wishes to stay and live in the country, a health screening is required in order to acquire a Work Residence Permit. For specific countries, a separate medical check-up is required to be taken from an individual’s respective home country through certain approved clinics. These countries include Egypt, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nepal. Workers from the aforementioned countries can also conduct fingerprint scanning and recording of biometric data in their own country of origin.

Before taking the Medical Commission exam, expats may head to any clinic and acquire a blood-type certificate. The medical examination will then include a Blood Test and a Chest X-Ray. In general, the documents required are the newcomer’s original passport, a copy of the visit visa, and the payment of the necessary fees. Results can take about a week before release.

You can also register for an appointment online, or have the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of your sponsoring company to schedule the appointment for you. Keep in mind that individuals who are working in health clubs, restaurants, laundries, and barbershops need to undergo annual health checks as well.

If you pass your medical exam, congratulations! You can now register your fingerprints with the Ministry of Interior. Note that these requirements are also needed for each member of the family for expats. Because the rules regarding the medical exam are very strict, failure to comply will result in you and your family members being sent home. Submitting requirements can also be a bit of a handful, as you will need to go back and forth between various government departments as well as accredited clinics and hospitals while waiting in line for processing. Fingerprints are also registered at the CEID headquarters at Salwa Road, Al Rayyan.

To make sure that all of your requirements are complete and submitted in a timely manner, it helps to have a trusted business consultancy partner to handle all of the tedious paperwork for you. Such consultancy partners can help facilitate all of the necessary submissions, requirements, and even translations for all prerequisite documents. These files will also need to be attested for full authentication, in order to make sure that all of your papers will be duly accepted by the bodies of authority upon submission.

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