Lusail Smart City Development fast-tracked by Ooredoo

Lusail Smart City Development fast-tracked by Ooredoo

In a fruitful partnership with Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, Ooredoo announced its goal to provide a smart city network to benefit Lusail City. This will skyrocket Lusail as one of the leading smart cities in the world.

Using Ooredoo’s next-generation network infrastructure as the ICT foundation of the whole system, Lusail City (the flagship project of Qatari Diar) aims to implement sensors throughout the whole city. There will be impressive citywide smart systems to further enhance the Lusail Smart City end points. This type of smart living strives to make Lusail the first large-scale green field smart city in the region, standing tall as a beacon for smart city living.

The backbone of the project is the advanced wired and wireless networks of Ooredoo, which is key in order to successfully deploy these integrated smart city services. For instance, these foundations can ease traffic congestion, implement smart waste management, maximise collection routes, and reduce energy usage with smart lighting. All these can enhance the overall living experience within Lusail City.

“Ooredoo’s partnership with Qatari Diar has gone from strength to strength and shows our commitment to enhance the quality of life in Qatar, and specifically Lusail City’s residents,” said Ooredoo Qatar COO Yousuf Abdulla al-Kubaisi. “We will design and provide the ICT infrastructure for Smart City services that will allow Lusail City to take its services to the next level, and enhance Qatar’s standing as a global Smart City leader. Our ultra-fast and secure Supernet technology will serve as the foundation for innovative Smart City services to transform experiences and support Qatar’s nationwide digital transformation to 2022 and beyond.”

Furthermore, the fibre optic and 5G networks (both fixed and mobile) from Ooredoo will be integrated with the sensors in order to facilitate the transmission of data and communications to enable high-speed and real-time exchange of information. This will increase the overall efficiency of the citywide smart services.

“Ooredoo is leveraging our network capabilities and expertise that have already brought Qatar fixed and mobile broadband speeds of up to 10Gbps, to provide a network for Lusail City that can handle the capacity, bandwidth and speed requirements of a connected city,” said Al-Kubaisi. “We are designing the smart city’s network to anticipate the increasing number of connected sensors and systems, and to deliver unparalleled levels of efficiency for the city and its citizens.”

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