Leading business opportunities for investors in Qatar

Leading business opportunities for investors in Qatar

Launched by the General Secretariat for Development Planning in October 2008, the Qatar National Vision of 2030 aims to transform the country into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development. And with its commitment to support the 2030 vision, Qatar has taken certain initiatives to strengthen its economic diversification.

From infrastructure, ICT, food products, healthcare, energy, and defense; foreign companies are now encouraged to do business and invest in the country more than ever. Government agencies, specifically the Ministry of Economy and Commerce is leading the efforts to commence the law regarding Public Private Partnership and Foreign Direct Investment. Furthermore, provisions have been added which allows 100% foreign ownership to ultimately attract business investors from all over the world.
So what are the leading business opportunities for investors in Qatar? Here are the sectors that are expected to flourish within the next few years.

Since Qatar would be the new home of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, expect major near-term infrastructure projects centered towards this worldwide event. And to meet the growing demands of the people, more than $200 billion government funds have been allocated for construction and infrastructure developments including logistics as well as public transportation.

Information, Communications and Technology
Qatar aims to be one of the most digitally-connected country in the world, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communication come up with a program called Smart Nation. This program allocates more than $1.5 billion to improve ICT solutions. It aims to modernize certain industries such as transportation, logistics, health, and environment sectors.

Food Industry
Compare to other countries, Qatar import over 90% of its food. Major suppliers are located within the Arab Peninsula specifically the UAE and Saudi Arabia. But since there is a major fiasco between Arab nations, local food shipments are greatly affected. To bring alternative solution for its people, the government tries to aggressively increase local food production which presents a wonderful array of golden opportunities for international investors.

Health is wealth, and Qatari nationals are deeply aware of that. Certain projects are on its way to serve the public like the expansion of the Hamad Medical Corporation along with the opening of new health centers. Workforce for the medical field are constantly in need so expect business opportunities in human resources, consultancy, hiring and manpower fields.

Aviation and Defense
Partnerships made to other countries has strengthen Qatar’s international presence, and there is a significant demand in the aviation and defense sector. There are opportunities in military modernization activities, armed forces training, and ground vehicle fleets while the global expansion of Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport give aviation its own necessity of business ventures.

With its government commitment to support long-term strategic goals, now is the best time to setup a company in Qatar. To lend assistance when it comes to company registration, company formation, and corporate support, you may seek the help of local consultancy companies in Qatar to ensure that all legal regulatory and compliance procedures are implemented the right way.

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