How to View Recruitment Committee Applications Status and Add Additional Attachments for Previous Housing Requests in Qatar

How to View Recruitment Committee Applications Status and Add Additional Attachments for Previous Housing Requests in Qatar

In relation to housing audience for individuals, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) offers an online service for applicants to manage their previous housing requests. They may add important attachments to old housing requests as well, simply by selecting the request name, and then entering the ID number. Afterward, input the request number and click on “Search”.

It’s important to note that t​​​​​​he Citizens Housing Department​ takes on a very important role that assists with the implementation of provisions of the laws, rules, and regulations surrounding housing. This includes decisions relating to housing, as well as proposing and implementing policies that directly affect the housing system in coordination with the necessary government authorities.

For instance, the Department has the responsibility of receiving and reviewing various requests that make use of the existing housing system and to make sure that all provisions are done in accordance with the law. This also includes all of the different complaints received in relation to housing, with the goal of working to settle these complaints in accordance with the right provisions as well.

As an example, it is also important to note that the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) ensures that all workers are offered suitable accommodation while they are working on SC projects. Accommodation facilities must provide privacy and comfort above all else, as well as recreational facilities and even suitable catering and laundry amenities. The facilities must also provide a reliable internet connection so that workers can readily and easily communicate with their families back home.

From the official SC website, it is stated that “We carry out regular inspections to ensure all accommodation meets the requirements set out in our Workers’ Welfare Standards and allows workers to follow healthy lifestyles. This includes bedrooms having a maximum of four single beds, privacy curtains, lockable personal storage, an operable window with moveable curtain, power points and bedside tables. Workers must be provided with mattresses, pillows, two sets of bed sheets and blankets.”

Furthermore, to ensure the quality of life for all workers, “All housing must also have indoor recreation space; an outdoor, multi-purpose sports field; indoor gymnasium; computer room; sufficient WiFi bandwidth; and access to on-site retail services. For washing personal items, a free laundry service is required, as well as washing lines for drying clothes.”

In line with this, it is clear that the government of Qatar greatly values the housing system for all kinds of projects for employees in the State.

On a slightly different note, businesses and all kinds of employers can view the recruitment committee application status online as well. Note that companies who have filed an application that will allow them to hire foreign workers can readily manage and check the status of their license requests online.

Simply input the application number, the year of application and establishment ID, and click “Search.”

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