How to Submit Labor Recruitment Application and Submit Requests for Recruiting New Labor with Different Nationalities in Qatar

How to Submit Labor Recruitment Application and Submit Requests for Recruiting New Labor with Different Nationalities in Qatar

When it comes to Business and Finance, as well as Employment and Workplace issues, business owners have the option to recruit workers from abroad (do note that as of the moment, this service has been disabled temporarily given the current global circumstances). Normally, a request can be made easily via an online petition in order to get the approval of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs (MADLSA). If a company is going to hire residents or Qatari nationals, then this procedure is not required.

To accomplish this request online, simply choose the main branch for the application. You may also choose other branches relevant to this request. Then, input the Electricity, Commercial Permit, and Commercial Registration numbers of the company. Provide the necessary details of the particular employee that the company wishes to recruit. Then, click “Submit”.

You may also choose to have the receipt printed in order for you to review the application status at any given point in time in the future. If you are having trouble with the request process, you may download the Recruitment e-Service Quick Guide for more information and assistance.

Do note that should the establishment be restricted by the MADLSA, or there is an active application that is currently under study by the Labor Department, then the application will not be accepted. The same is true if there are any other reasons that are related to the rules and regulations by MADLSA. Also, should your business establishment not have a commercial registration or commercial permit, you may visit the MADLSA-Muntazah branch. Here, you may add the company or branch to the exceptional list.

Another service that companies may avail of (not at the moment given the worldwide conditions) is to submit an online request regarding the nationalities of the certain workers that the company wishes to recruit. This will be based on the applicable quota of course, and also after the necessary approval on the criteria of the workers is obtained. This should include the gender, amount, and the professions of the employees.

To accomplish this request online, login using your Hukoomi user account. Do this after you receive an SMS that will confirm the approval regarding the required labor criteria. Afterward, you may choose “Nationalities Selection – Labor Recruitment Request”. Pick the corresponding nationalities by choosing the icon of “Modify Nationalities”.

You may also reduce the number of workers in the selected record. Then, you can transfer the difference to a new record after. Here, the nationalities of the workers will be identified later. Confirm that “The entered information is correct and I bear the full responsibility in case of the presence of any error”, and submit the request. You can also check the service information page and the user guide as needed.

Note that the Qatar Labor Law governs certain rules and regulations regarding the protection of both employers and employees in the State of Qatar. For example, the law states that a single workweek is equivalent to a maximum of six (6) business days, and the like. It’s important to be aware of these provisions to ensure that there are no issues encountered throughout the course of a worker’s employment within any company

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