How to Request Title Deed for Public Housing of Low-Income Citizens in Qatar

As a convenient service provided by the Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs, citizens with low income can request for a title deed for public housing via both offline and online methods. These citizens with low income include both the public housing beneficiaries themselves or their heirs. The request will simply be submitted to the Labor Relation Department, and the MADLSA will provide the title deed with no force majeure clause.

To complete the process online, the applicant simply needs to select the applicant status. Afterward, he or she will log in to the service via the National Authentication System. Logging into the NAS requires using a smartcard.

After which, the applicant needs to attach the necessary documents needed, such as the copy of the QID and the medical report in case a person has a disability. In case of death, then the special power of attorney from the heirs must be submitted along with the death certificate. The determination of heirs must also be included, as well as the QIDs of those involved. Submit the application once all of the documents and the information is complete.

If you need to clarify the status of the applicant if the applicant has passed away, the person fulfilling the request must submit his or her QID as the house owner and indicate the relation to the dead applicant before logging in.

Take note that the beneficiary must be able to complete 15 years following the public housing’s delivery date. The heirs or the beneficiaries must also pay all of the installments that are due provided they are not exempted from the payment. You will find more information on the Establishment of Public Housing along with its amendments in Article No.10 of Law No.1 of 1964. You can also check the approval once received in the Amerni Qatar mobile app. You can also find information on other valuable services of the MADLSA in the same app, such as employment, housing, establishment data, and family affairs.

These services are especially important as nowadays, more and more Qatari citizens seek to apply for the free low-cost housing program of the government amid skyrocketing prices and rentals. More than 100 new properties are planned to be constructed with more additional units following huge spikes in applications from nationals.

Along with this, Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing was able to turn over more than 92 houses to beneficiaries lately, with popular and free houses. More than 1,439 houses have already been handed to Qatar nationals which mainly cater to families with low income and newly married couples. It’s important, then, to know the different procedures for application so that you can make the most of your rights in the State.

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