How to Request Pay Plan and Submit Tax Return Report in Qatar

How to Request Pay Plan and Submit Tax Return Report in Qatar

If a taxpayer wishes to change the accounting period regarding their tax obligations, he or she may submit a duly filled out request to the General Tax Authority. All details must be specifically completed as comprehensive information is required for every submission.

What is a pay plan? A pay plan is normally used to help satisfy certain obligations. This will come into play if the taxpayer does not have the capacity to satisfy the total obligation in a single lump payment. These payments are for the purpose of satisfying penalties and taxes.

Pay plans are created upon negotiations between the taxpayer and the Tax Department. Whatever the negotiated payment is, this amount as well as the specific date intervals of payment will be included in the pay plan. It will also include certain factors like the ability of the taxpayer to pay taxes and the total obligation amount that needs to be paid.

To request for a pay plan online, simply log in to the General Tax Authority Portal. Then, click on “e-Services” and choose “e-Forms” from the “Actions” list. Afterward, you may select “Request for Pay Plan” and “Submit Request for Pay Plan”.

Here, you must duly fill out the online form and provide all of the required information. If you are prompted to attach any pertinent documents, please do so. When you are satisfied with your application, click on “Submit”.

On the other hand, if a taxpayer wishes to submit a tax return report, he or she may also do so online. Because all taxpayers are required by law to submit annual tax return reports, this also means that they are required to pay the annual taxes “by the end of the fourth month following the end of the financial year of an institution.”

With this service, all authorized personnel governed by the provisions of Law No.21 of 2009 are included. An auditor will be responsible for filling in the online tax return application form. This happens after an assignee is authorized to submit the report.

Taxpayers must log in to the General Tax Authority Portal and choose “e-Services”. Click on “Tax Return Forms” from the “Actions” list, and choose the Fiscal Year.  Select “Continue” and “Submit”.

Taxpayers must fill out the online form and provide the required information, attaching any required documentation along with the request. Click “Submit” when you are done. You may also visit the Commercial Registration Building in Lusail and submit copy of your tax return report as well as your financial data there. The Service Center is also located at the Commercial Registration Building in Lusail.

Please note that the annual income tax return must be submitted by the specified deadline. If the taxpayer does not meet the deadline, a penalty estimated at QR100 per day shall be imposed. This can go up to a maximum of QR36,000. There will also be a financial sanction estimated at 1.5% of the tax amount should the taxpayer fail to pay taxes as they are due. This tax amount will be based on what is due per month of delay or part thereof.

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