How to Renew Residence Permit For Expatriates and Request for Disbursement of Loans’ Variation for Senior Staff in Qatar

How to Renew Residence Permit For Expatriates and Request for Disbursement of Loans’ Variation for Senior Staff in Qatar

In Qatar, both companies and individuals may request to have their residence permit renewed online for another year up to three years. This is a service provided by the Ministry of Interior and is readily available for Qataris. This is also available to companies and residents who hold Qatari Smart ID Cards.

To avail of the online service, simply use your smart card and log in to the MOI’s e-services portal. Afterward, choose “Residency Services”, and then click on “Renew Residency”. If you are an individual applying for a renewal, choose the QID number with a maximum of five numbers at one time. For companies, select the QID number with a maximum if twenty numbers at a time. When you are done, select “Add”.

You will now be asked to choose your renewal period. Then, choose the delivery option you are comfortable with, and pay the necessary fees. Keep in mind that you will also have to pay for the necessary fees depending on your delivery option.

You may also decide to accomplish the request offline by downloading and filling out the application form. You must also provide your valid employer’s ID for personal sponsorships. For government institutions, companies, and the like, a copy of a valid employer’s Establishment ID is required.

These should all be submitted to the Expatriates Affairs Department 3 months prior to the expiry date of the permit. Residence Permits can also be renewed conveniently using the Metrash2 app.

What is the Metrash2 app? Citizens and residents can use this to access services from the MOI from the convenience of their mobile phones. Services include residence permit services, general purpose queries, traffic services, visit visa services (this includes both corporate and personal sponsorships), electronic gate services, and so on. In order to use this app and avail of the services, you must log in to the Self-Service system using your Smart ID and register.

In line with housing, senior Qatari employees may also request for disbursement of loans variation. This variation is defined as “the difference between the value of a public house and the value of loan of senior staff.” A public house is given to a junior employee and is given a variation once he or she is promoted to a senior level.

Individuals may log in online using their smart card into the National Authentication System. From the “E-Services & E-Forms” list, choose the “Citizens Housing Department” option, and click the “Apply” button.

When you submit your form, you must also attach a copy of your QID, as well as a letter from your employer. This letter should clearly state your promotion to senior staff level.

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