How to Register in the E-Contract System in Qatar and Worker’s Notice to Employer (Employer Change/Leave Country)

How to Register in the E-Contract System in Qatar and Worker’s Notice to Employer (Employer Change/Leave Country)

Employers in Qatar can register in the E-Contract System for an easier and more seamless organization of agreements between the company and its employees. This enables the company to keep track of all of the terms and conditions stated in employee contracts, as well as maintain an accurate record of important data for every employee working in the company.

With the streamlined E-Contract System, a company can then have a more effective means of viewing important data such as the name, e-mail, and authorized persons & PRO of the business. The system also allows companies to create new contracts for workers, as well as keep a record of their visa number and their Qatari ID, the country of the workers, the employee’s address, the starting date of the employee, the duration of the contract, the probation period if applicable, and the basic allowances and salaries of every employee. Once all of these are entered into the system, a company can simply view the contracts at any given point in time, as well as print them and download any time.

To complete this process online, go to the E-Contract System’s page and select “Company Register”. Then, input the establishment ID of the company. Afterward, simply input the mobile number of an authorized person or PRO. Once done, select “Register”.

When the registration is successful, the company will receive an SMS that includes the password for all the authorized signatories as well as the PRO. The company email will also receive an email confirmation. Make sure that you input all of the required information in order to successfully register the company in the system.

Note that the contract, when downloaded or printed as a PDF file, will contain both an Arabic version and another section that contains the language of the employee. This is to ensure that all parties are privy to the information stated in the contracts without any risk of miscommunication, and without the danger of having various terms and conditions that are lost in translation.

That said, if the employee is in a fixed-term contract with his or her employers, a notice to change or leave the country must be submitted 30 days before the end of the contract. If it is an open-ended contract, the notice period must be 60 days if the worker’s duration of service is more than five years. The period would be 30 days if the service duration is five years.

The private sector employee may submit this notice to change or leave the country in accordance with provisions provided by The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA). Simply login with the QID and mobile number, input the details, and click “Submit.”

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