How to Register in the E-Contract System in Qatar

How to Register in the E-Contract System in Qatar

As a business owner, it’s important for you to comply with all of the necessary processes that can facilitate contracts and other requirements within your company. The E-Contract System is an invaluable online tool that can help you register your company so that you can easily view various pertinent information such as the name, e-mail addresses, authorized personnel, and the PRO in your company.

In the same system, you can also create new contracts whenever you have new employees. You can simply enter their basic information as well, such as the visa number or the Qatari ID of the new employee, the country of origin, data on the employee’s place of residence, the date when he or she began working for your company, the designated probationary period of the employee, the duration of the contract, paid allowances, and the employee’s basic salary. Once you have all of the data inputted into the system, you can check the contacts, download them, or print them at any time.

Inside the e-contract page, select “Company Register” and enter the establishment ID of the company. Then, input the mobile number of an authorized personnel or the PRO. Choose “Register”, and you’re done!

When your registration is successful, you will receive an SMS notification stating the same. The message will contain your password and will be sent to all the authorized signatories as well as the PRO. The same message will also be sent via email to the company email address.

Please do take note that if there is a non-completion in the data of the company at any concerned department, you will not be able to register your company in the system. As such, you have to make sure that you have all of the necessary permits, data, and documentation for the company before you attempt to register.

When you print the contract or opt to download it via PDF, take note that there are two sections in the contract. The first section will be in the Arabic language while the second section division will be in whatever the employee’s language may be. This is incredibly important because having the contract written in the native language of the employee will help them avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications, as well as help them stay away from middlemen and various other agents who may be out to dupe them or scam them into dubious contracts and agreements.

For more information, you may consult the user guide of the E-Contract System to view a step-by-step and thorough guide on how to navigate the system easily. The system will also allow you to reset the password that you indicated in case you forget, or categorize contracts depending on specific durations and unlimited durations.

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