How to Process Customs Declaration Online and Query for Custom Tariff in Qatar

How to Process Customs Declaration Online and Query for Custom Tariff in Qatar

In accordance with set terms, the system admin is responsible for processing the customs declaration online. Cases such as accepting customs declaration items and releasing goods conditionally are included, as well as refusing customs declaration items, reviewing documents for items, and checking the customs declaration itself.

To process this customs declaration online, simply log on to the Al Nadeeb system and input the necessary information required in the search standards. Then, click “Search”, and choose from the search results which required customs declaration needs to be processed.

If you want to process all of the declarations at the same time, click on “Process All”. You may also choose “Process Selected” if you only want to process selected items. Afterward, enter the required data. Choose the procedure you require, and click “Save” to make sure that all changes are kept. Finally, click on “Submit”.

You may check the User Guide for Other Government Agencies for more information on the details of customs declaration processing. You may also contact the call center at 136.

As for querying about the Customs Tariff, all companies may inquire about various customs tariffs online. These tariffs are imposed on specific goods—the process of which is done by entering the Harmonized System (HS) code (in the source bill). You may do this via the website of the General Authority of Customs.

In the system, simply select the required tariff and input the Harmonized System code. You may also describe the required tariff, then select “Search”.

There are different tariffs in Qatar based on import and export regulations. While the import and export laws are strictly implemented, they are highly efficient, and serve to improve the overall convenience of all parties involved. Should companies fail to comply with the legal requirements, these can result to holding of the stated goods, unwanted delays, and costly penalties. This may also lead to rejection of the goods or of sending them back to their countries of origin.

It is crucial, therefore, for all companies to abide by the import and export laws and to be aware of the necessary tariffs needed for specific goods being brought into and out of the State. Complete manifests must be accurately presented, as well as the proper customs declarations. These should also be duly attested, translated, and authenticated to ensure complete validity.

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