How to Modify Foreign Labor Approval and Replace Foreign Workforce in Qatar

How to Modify Foreign Labor Approval and Replace Foreign Workforce in Qatar

If there are any employers who want to change or modify twitter approved applications when it comes to hiring foreign workers, they should submit their requests to the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA). Whenever companies wish to make any kind of modifications to the nationalities and jobs that have been approved, this application process is necessary.

To do so online, the interested parties simply have to follow certain steps in the application process to change your approved application to hire foreign workers. First, log in with your smart card and input the required approved application number. You may also choose to enter the approved VP number. Then, fill out the application form thoroughly and accurately.

Don’t forget to attach the supporting documents as well. You can preview your application detail, and once everything is in order, click “Submit”. Within three days you should be able to receive the final results either via SMS or via email.

For those employers who have already filed an application to hire foreign workers, you may also check the status of their license requests via online methods. Simply input the application number, the year of application, the establishment ID, and click “Search.”

As of the moment, both employers and employees will be delighted to know that there are currently significant reforms for gulf labor workers than provide them with new freedoms depending on how the government enforces and monitors them. For instance, the new reforms will now allow migrant workers to switch their jobs even without employer permission. The new reforms also set a higher minimum wage for workers even if they have varying nationalities.

According to Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, “Qatar’s new labor reforms are some of the most significant to date and could, if carried out effectively, considerably improve migrant workers’ living and work conditions. While these changes bring Qatar a concrete step closer to meeting its reform promises, the test will be in how effectively the government carries them out and consistently applies them.”

This makes for another solid reason why the investment and working landscape of Qatar remains to be one of the most lucrative and attractive in the region. There are significant rules in place to protect the interests of both employers and employees in all fields. “Qatar has removed another key element of employer control, this time over workers’ ability to leave or change jobs, but authorities should now look to remove all remaining elements that tie migrant workers’ legal status to their employer,” Page added.

Furthermore, he also said that “Setting a nondiscriminatory basic minimum wage will mean little for migrant workers as long as employers can withhold, delay, and deduct from their wages without consequence. The only way to successfully tackle wage abuse is by creating effective wage protection systems and consistently penalizing those who fail to comply.”

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