How to Make Housing Installments Exemption Request in Qatar

Interested parties can make a Housing Installments Exemption Request in Qatar—more specifically, citizens that are beneficiaries of housing loans may make these requests to the Housing Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs. With this request, you may be exempted from payment when it comes to the different installments, debts, and loans following the death or injury of an individual.

To do this online, select the applicant status and then login via the National Authentication System (NAS). Use your smart card and submit a copy of the QID as an attachment. In the case of injury, the medical report must be attached, while in the case of death, the death certificate must be submitted along with the QID. You must also attach the power of attorney from heirs, as well as the determination of heirs.

When you are asked to clarify the status of the applicant, those requesting for “dead applicants” must provide the QID of the house owner along with the relation to the applicant. This must be duly indicated before the login. Also, take note that the applicant must be a housing loan beneficiary.

All of these provisions are in accordance with the Law No.2 of 2007 on the Housing Law. You may check the Article No.14 of Law No.2 for more information.

For instance, the law indicates that the Housing System will provide the appropriate housing for citizens. This can be fulfilled through granting cash to the beneficiary as deemed appropriate by the resolution of the Council of Ministers. This decision will be in accordance with the Minister’s proposal for buying land that will be required to construct the house.

The law also states that the housing loan will be up to six hundred thousand (600,000) Riyals for citizens who are able to repay the loan through their own financial means. There will also be a 1% collection every year for administrative expenses which will decrease in relation to the value of the repaid amount of the loan through the Bank.

Keep in mind that no beneficiary will be allowed to receive more than one house from any of the authorities. Moreover, only persons of Qatari nationality and individuals over the age of 21 shall benefit from the provisions of this system. It is also the decision of the Council to amend the provisions given due to valid reasons as deemed necessary.

The beneficiary is prohibited from disposing of the land, house, or residential unit in whatsoever way before the expiration of fifteen years from the date that the beneficiary received the loan along with repayment of the loan in full. Should this be done, it will be considered null and void and will have no legal effect.

You can check out the rules and regulations in further detail HERE.

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