How to Lodge a Complaint Against Your Telecom Operator in Qatar

How to Lodge a Complaint Against Your Telecom Operator in Qatar

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) values consumer feedback and rights. Anyone with a valid complaint may approach the CRA and lodge complaints at the Consumer Protection Affairs department. These complaints may be against local telecom operators should consumers be dissatisfied with proposed unacceptable solutions with their service providers.

In order to file a formal complaint, consumers must fill out the “lodge a complaint” form online, providing personal details such as your name, the subject of the complaint, your email address, your contact number, as well as the complaint reference number that you have received from your service provider. Kindly provide the details of your complaint as clearly and accurately as possible.

Keep in mind that it’s best to approach your service provider first, such as Ooredoo or Vodafone before you escalate the issue to the CRA. This is true for cases wherein your issue has been unresolved for 48 hours after a mobile service disconnection (this is 72 hours for fixed line disconnections), or if your complaint remains unresolved for 30 calendar days.

You can also file an official complaint to the CRA if you are dissatisfied with the solution presented to you, or if a new service remains undelivered after 10 working days since you applied for a new fixed line service. Furthermore, grounds for complaints with the CRA include the service provider refusing to file a complaint on your behalf, or if an issue for a special needs customer remains unresolved for 48 hours.

There will be a proper investigation relating to your case. What’s important is that you stay informed of your rights so that you can be protected. The Consumer Protection Law will protect you covering all products and services regardless if you received the service or product for free or with a certain charge.

You can also call the Consumer Protection Department (toll-free 16001), or if you are outside of Qatar, at the hotline (+974 44945555 or +974 44945001). Have all of the evidence of your complaints ready so that you can easily present them for the investigation if needed.

For instance, you should have a copy of the original invoice regarding your complaint so that the Consumer Protection Department can properly investigate the matter. You can also lodge a formal complaint in person at the CPD office in West Bay on Omar Al Mukhtar Street.

In general, apart from telecom issues, you can lodge a complaint for anything that violates your consumer rights, such as the right to be given the correct information on various products and services. You should be able to return or replace defective or sub-standard products free of charge, as well as obtain all warranties that are relevant to the service. If you undertake any damages due to the product or the service, you are entitled to claim compensation as well.

There will be strict penalties imposed on suppliers who breach provisions. According to the law, they may face “detention for a term not exceeding two years and fine”.

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