How to Issue Worker Statistics Certificate and Inquire About Establishment Statistics and House Addition in Qatar

Businesses can inquire about establishment statistics via the online service provided by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA). In order to query about establishment statistics, simply go online and input the registered establishment ID, QID, and cell phone numbers as necessary.

Establishments can also check, via the Housing Department at the MADLSA, how to inquire about house addition online for Qatari citizens. Choose the transaction name, then input the QID and request number. Select “Search”.

Finally, business companies and financial or commercial establishments can also check how to submit a request to issue a Statistics Certificate of Workers and Professions. This can be done offline by simply submitting a letter to the director of the Work Relation Department regarding the issuing of statistics certificate about the numbers of the workers in the establishments. Make sure to include copies of the valid commercial register in the submission request, as well as the commercial license, and the necessary establishment ID. The company must also submit a declaration that duly indicates that they are paying the salaries of the workers on time.

Take note that these are all according to the provisions of the Qatar labor law for the protection of the rights of employees in the State. All business and commercial establishments must be fully aware of the requirements and mandates in the law so as to protect the interests of all kinds of workers regardless of the field. For instance, the law stipulates that the wages of the workers must be paid fairly and on time. Failure to comply with such provisions will result in hefty penalties for the company, which may even result in the suspension of the commercial establishment’s license or the cessation of daily operations, as well as cutting off any kind of support from the government.

The law also indicates that all documents must be in the official language of Arabic. Translations to other languages may be provided, as in the case of worker contracts where the worker’s language may be used to supplement the Arabic text so as to prevent any miscommunication.

Workers are also free to file lawsuits should there be any cause to do so. The law specifically states that “all lawsuits filed by the workers or their heirs claiming the entitlements accruing under the provisions of this law or the service contract shall be dealt with urgency and shall be exempted from judicial fees. Subject to the provisions of Article 113 of this law, the right to file a lawsuit for a claim of the entitlements accruing under the provisions of this law or the service contract shall lapse by the expiry of one year from the date of expiry of the contract.”

As such, workers in Qatar are properly protected and the government ensures that all violations are dealt with accordingly. This is to maintain a healthy working environment in the state, and to encourage a more productive working landscape for locals and foreigners alike.

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