How to Get a Police Clearance from Outside Qatar?

How to Get a Police Clearance from Outside Qatar?

There are many instances where one would need a police clearance certificate from Qatar. It can be for visa application, job requirement, overseas education, as a tourist prerequisite, or for immigration purposes. Whatever reason you have for getting police clearance, there are instances in which you might not be locally available to obtain PCC.

But fret not, there are ways on how to get police clearance even if you are not currently in the country. Check out these common scenarios and possible solutions when applying for police clearance outside Qatar.

Scenario 1

Bill is an Australian student who has studied in Qatar for over two years. After returning back to his country, Bill applied for internship and as a requirement, the company instructed him to obtain a police clearance from his last university. Knowing that he came from Qatar as an exchange student, bill needs to acquire PCC even if he is presently residing in Australia.

Tips and tricks

For migration and education purposes, it would be best to hire a local service provider to get education certificate attestation done on your behalf. If you have all the requirements needed to get PCC like passport size photos and ID card, why not spend some money to get all these things done quick and hassle free.

Keep in mind that asking someone to obtain police clearance certificate on your behalf is such a laborious and complicated process. There are documents and paperwork that needs to be settled before they are allowed to represent you legally.

Scenario 2

Maylene and her family lived in Qatar for five years. Working in a major oil company, they have decided to apply for foreign citizenship in Canada. While waiting for approval, Maylene and her husband went back home to their native country. One year had passed, their visa was approved and one of the requirements is to provide police clearance within 30 days & Maylene wants to apply through the Embassy

Tips and tricks

Your option would be going to Qatari embassy (from the country of stay) and apply for a PCC with the required documents. Or, you can apply via express mail and send all documents to the Ministry of Interior.

The disadvantage of applying via mail or the Embassy is that the waiting time can be up to four months during which the documents can be misplaced.

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