How to File Workplace Health and Safety Report and Check Status of Complaint Against Recruitment Offices in Qatar

How to File Workplace Health and Safety Report and Check Status of Complaint Against Recruitment Offices in Qatar

In order to maintain a safe and professional environment in the workplace, there must strict rules set in place so that every employee can feel protected at all times. With a safe and healthy workplace, workers can not only be shielded from injury and illness, but they can also feel more motivated to accomplish their tasks every day to the best of their ability.

Good workplace safety helps to lower incidents of injuries as well as illness costs. It also decreases the rate of absenteeism and employee turnover, as well as boost productivity and employee morale. It’s good for the bottom line of any business regardless of the field, and it’s the moral thing to do for any employer.

On the flipside, business owners have to be wary of the costly consequences that come with workplace injuries. Financial repercussions include production losses, lost wages, compensation of insurance costs, damage to machinery and other equipment, a swift drop in employee morale and production quality, as well as the overall costs of training and hiring new employees to replace those who have resigned. This results in a great deal of lost work time and even more costly lawsuits against the company.

In Qatar, a workplace health and safety report is required by law for submission every six months. Employers must clearly indicate all the necessary information about workplace accidents, unsafe incidents, injuries, and other health issues at the office or on-site.

In order to file a bi-annual health and safety report, employers must fill out all the necessary fields needed in two spreadsheets. Companies need to list down all of the employees on the first spreadsheet. This should include information about their salaries and any work-related injuries and diseases on the other spreadsheet. Include the Corporate ID number on the file name and send it to the Ministry of Labor via email (failure to do so will incur either the penalty of banning or financial fines). Employers can also save a copy of the report onto a CD-ROM and submit it accordingly to the department of labor.

As an employer, you must be sure to include the two types of injuries: occupational diseases are chronic ailments that happen due to any kind of work activity while accidental injuries are those sustained from an incident at work that results in a missed day. The former includes examples such as carpal tunnel syndrome or loss of hearing from noise, while the latter includes accidents both during a work shift and accidents en route to and from work.

Employees can also check the status of their complaints against companies and recruitment offices. Simply input the Establishment ID number online and check the complaint number’s status. Workers can also do so at the Labor Sector – Al Huda Tower. The status should be available after the issue is inspected by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs.

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