How to check your Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result Online in Qatar

The Coronavirus has brought about unprecedented changes across the globe. Not only have businesses big and small had to adapt to the rapid shift in power dynamics, but the economies of countries all over the world have also had to learn how to manage changes in a short amount of time. Over the span of a full year, the pandemic is still making waves and toppling longstanding institutions left and right, which is why it’s incredibly important to be able to detect the virus in both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals as early as possible.

Upon the onset of any kind of symptoms or of any suspected contact with a positively infected individual, a person must have himself or herself checked for the COVID-19 virus. The government has made impressive efforts to streamline the test procedures in Qatar, with plenty of medical facilities working hand-in-hand to help detect infected individuals via proper contact tracing as well as correct quarantine protocols for all parties involved. As such, the Ministry of Public Health has released an official list of all of the approved medical facilities where a person can get checked for the Coronavirus infection.

Where can you get yourself checked for COVID-19?

Finding the many different COVID-19 PCR test centers in Qatar is as easy as checking the MOPH’s official list of approved medical facilities for testing. There are currently 44 approved facilities in the State that offer coronavirus tests, making it as accessible as possible to the general public in order to make sure that the virus is detected and dealt with at the onset.

“1 – Al Emadi Hospital

2 – Turkish Hospital

3 – Doha Clinic Hospital

4 – Al Ahli Hospital

5 – Queen Hospital

6 – Dr. Moopen’s Aster Hospital

7 – Magribi Center for Eye, ENT & Dental

8 – Elite Medical Center

9 – West Bay Medicare

10 – Syrian American Medical Center

11 – Future Medical Centre

12 – Dr. Khaled Al Sheikh Ali’s Medical Center

13 – Al Jufairi Diagnosis and Treatment

14 – Al Ahmadani Medical Center

15 – Imara Health Care

16 – KIMS Qatar Medical Center

17 – Allevia Medical Center

18 – Aster Medical Center Plus – Almuntazah

19 – Al Jameel Medical Center

20 – Atlas Medical Center

21 – Al Tahrir Medical Center

22 – Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center Doha

23 – Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center

24 – New Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center

25 -Aster Medical Center – Al Khor

26 – Al Kayyali Medical Center

27 – Abeer Medical Center

28 – Al Esraa Polyclinic

29 – Value Medical Complex

30 – Asian Medical Center W.LL

31 – Dr. Maher Abbas Ployclinic

32 – Sidra Medicine

33 – Al Mansoor Polyclinic

34 – Nova Health Care

35 – Al Sutan Medical Center

36 – Al Fardan Medical With Northwestern Medicine

37- Raha Medical Center W.L.L.

38- Al Shefa Poluclinic D-Ring Road

39 – Planet Medical Center

40- Qatar Petroleum- Al Salata

41- Al Shefa Polyclinic – Al Kharaitiyat

42 – Aster Medical Center Plus

43- Wellcare Polyclinic

44- Tadawi Medical Center”

What is a PCR test?

As an accurate and highly reliable test to check for the presence of the Coronavisurs in an individual, the nose swab PCR test for COVID-19 will yield a positive result if a person is infected with the virus and a negative result otherwise. This polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test will be able to detect genetic material from the virus that is present (or not) in your body. If a person is no longer infected, the PCR test may still detect remnants of the virus in your body as well.

The test is an accurate tool for diagnosis for SARS-CoV-2. A sample is collected via a nasal swab in order to collect any kind of respiratory material using a flexible stick with a soft tip. After this sample is collected and sent to the laboratory, the genetic material is then isolated and extracted to check if there is indeed the presence of the Coronavirus.

In order to verify the presence of the virus, the laboratory technicians will use special chemicals as well as a PCR machine to cause a reaction in the sample. Certain chemicals will give off a fluorescent light if it detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2. With this fluorescent signal, the test will then confirm that the result is positive for COVID-19 infection.

While those who receive a positive PCR test result may recover at home using self-isolation and home care methods, some will require immediate medical attention and may need to be confined in the hospital to receive intensive and round-the-clock care. It is then extremely crucial to have oneself tested for the virus to ensure that, if infected, you will receive the proper treatment needed as well as prevent yourself from spreading the virus to other people.

On the other hand, getting a negative test result may mean that you currently do not have the virus in your system, but that definitely does not mean that you are no longer at risk of contracting the illness. You can still get infected as easily as the next person, or you can still spread the virus to others if you do have the Coronavirus inside your body at low, undetectable amounts. It is therefore important not to get a false sense of security after getting yourself checked. You should still diligently follow health and safety protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and avoiding crowded areas.

How can you check your Coronavirus (COVID-19) test result online?

Because there are many different medical facilities you can go to have yourself checked, they will have their own methods for acquiring the results. You may ask them for the specific method during your test. In general, however, you can simply head on over to this link for a wide variety of examinations done:

This service will cover medical tests conducted in the following areas:

  • Medical Commission – Mesimir
  • The Red Crescent – Msaimeer
  • Karwa – Industrial road
  • Al-Ahly Hospital
  • Al Emadi Hospital
  • Doha Clinic Hospital

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What about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine?

We also have a detailed post about the COVID-19 vaccine HERE. In summary, you will be able to avail of the COVID-19 vaccine at all Primary Health Care Centers in the country. At the moment, there are various priority groups that are being invited to receive the vaccine in order to strengthen their defense against the deadly virus.

For instance, individuals who are aged 40 and above are currently being invited to get the vaccine, regardless of their underlying health conditions. Those who have moderate chronic medical conditions are also allowed to receive the vaccine at the moment, as well as the various frontliners and healthcare professionals (this also includes key workers in a wide variety of industries and ministries) out there in the field. Teachers and school administration staff are included as well.

Where can you get vaccinated?

The Qatar National Convention Center has set up a vaccination center for priority groups.   Lusail & Al Wakra also have drive-through vaccination centers for those who will be receiving their second dose of the vaccine on a first-come-first-served basis. The operating hours for the drive-through centers are from 11am up to 10am every day. The last call for entering the center is at 9pm.

It’s important to know that the MOPH has approved both the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine as safe to receive. Those who are eligible to get the vaccine within the specified priority groups may do so in this link: Simply log in with your National Authentication System (NAS) TAWTHEEQ login details. If you do not have a NAS username and password yet, you may create an account here: Should you forget your credentials for your NAS account, you may also recover your username and password and reset via this link:

Why do you need to get vaccinated?

Apart from getting yourself checked via a PCR test at one of the approved medical centers from the MOPH, you also need to get vaccinated in order to fully protect yourself and others from contracting the virus. Even if you are a young and healthy individual, you only have a lower risk of developing serious medical conditions and complications from the Coronavirus. You still do, however, have the same level of risk of actually catching the virus as the other people in the priority groups. If you do get the virus, you can then pass it on and infect other, more vulnerable groups, such as those who have weakened immune systems, those who have underlying medical issues, and the elderly.

It is therefore important to get yourself tested and vaccinated for the good of those around you. Of course, the vaccines are only effective and tested for adults at the moment, so children should not take the vaccine. The BioNTech vaccine, for instance, is only safe to use for individuals aged 16 and older, while the Moderna vaccine is for those who are aged 18 years and above.

In the meantime, everyone must follow safety protocols like social distancing, mask-wearing, and frequent hand washing to stay safe while waiting for the vaccine.

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