How to Check Establishment Classification System in Qatar

In the world of business and finance, it can be difficult to have a handle on the proper gauge of just how well your company is doing in terms of operations and financial performance. Whether you’re evaluating processes in the workplace or looking to further expand your employment opportunities, you will need an accurate picture of your establishment and its standing when it comes to complying with the provisions of the law in Qatar.

Thankfully, there is an existing online service for establishments to evaluate just how well they are keeping the provisions of the law in relation to the Qatar Labor Law as governed by the relevant bodies of authority in the State. As such, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs is able to create a competitive environment in all kinds of industries, as well as maintain an efficient and healthy labor force in all aspects. This is crucial in order to ensure that all labor forces are able to achieve the best products and provide the highest quality of output with the most efficiency.

In order for businesses to check this online, you must simply log in and enter the registered establishment ID, as well as the Qatar ID and the mobile phone numbers as necessary. Hit “Enter” to complete the evaluation.

In relation to this, it’s important to keep in mind that the Ministry of Finance also provides a Classification Certificate for companies in Qatar. This company classification certificate will be the official document that a business can present when it comes to participating in Government tenders and projects. At the moment, there are 3 types of classification certificates, namely, supplier classification, service provider classification, and contractor classification.

All kinds of companies, regardless of size and industry, must register for classification in accordance with the provisions of the Department of Government Procurement Regulation at the Ministry of Finance. Properly classifying companies will enable them to participate in governmental tenders, as well as further boost the efficiency of various auctions and tenders relating to all government agencies. Once government contracts are properly organized in accordance with the correct legal framework, it will be easier and more efficient to provide transparency for all tenders both for private and public access. This is in keeping with the law that all contracts should be duly made transparent and public, subject to the principles of equality, free competition, and equal opportunity.

There are various documents required for submission. You may also check this portal to see the available tenders that you can participate in. You can search for advertised, open, and awarded tenders of ministries and government entities on the Government Procurement Regulatory Department Portal. Choose the tender, the type, and the requesting entity, then enter the subject and choose “Search”.

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