How to Change Accounting Period and Extend Obligation Due Date in Qatar

How to Change Accounting Period and Extend Obligation Due Date in Qatar

If any taxpayer wants to revise their accounting period, he or she can easily submit a request to the General Tax Authority. It must be clearly stated as to why the taxpayer wishes to amend the accounting period, stating the exact reasons for the change.

To do this online, simply log on to the General Tax Authority Portal. Look for the “e-Services” link and choose the “e-Forms” option from the “Actions” list. Here, you need to select “Change Account Change Period Form”. Afterward, simply click “Submit Change Account Period Form”.

Make sure that you include all of the necessary information requested in the online form. When you are done, attach any required documents you may have and click “Submit”.

A similar procedure is needed for a request to extend the obligation due date. If a company wants to request for this extension, they simply have to submit this request to the General Tax Authority. Similarly, the company must clarify the obligation type and specify the reason behind this request.

In the General Tax Authority Portal at the “e-Services” page, choose the “e-Forms” from the “Actions” list as well. Pick the option that says “Obligation Due Date Extension Form” then “Submit Obligation Due Date Extension Form”. Supply all of the necessary data and submit.

The General Tax Authority aims to enhance the public finances of the state of Qatar using best practices that abide by the highest standards of excellence from international criteria. It adopts taxation practices that will help improve and promote the growth of the economy as well as strive for financial stability.

It is important to achieve these goals by reducing reliance on oil resources. To do this, both businesses and individuals should be able to understand just what their responsibilities are when it comes to proper taxation. Best compliance practices must be propagated. This awareness can be spread by enlisting the guidance of experienced experts in the field.

With a highly effective taxation system, Qatar is able to encourage investments in its future. Everyone can then do their part to contribute to fostering a healthier society. Boosting the local economy and economic sustainability of the state will be doubly more crucial as Qatar turns to a future that’s less dependent on oil resources and more focused on more sustainable sources of energy.

All these can be achieved with advanced automated systems employed by the General Tax Authority to facilitate procedures regarding all taxation matters both publicly and privately.

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