How to Apply to Modify Maritime and Air Manifesto in Qatar

How to Apply to Modify Maritime and Air Manifesto in Qatar

Should you need to modify your maritime and air goods manifesto, you can easily access concerns over at the Al Nadeeb system.

Simply log on with your account. Then, check the list on the ride side of the portal, where you can select “Modify Goods Manifesto”. Afterward, the “Create Modification Application” page will prompt you to input required information for your concern. Don’t forget to choose which type of goods manifesto you wish to revise. Then, click “Search”.

Once the results of your query load properly, you can pick the “goods manifesto no.” in the “Search Results”. Once again, the “Create Modification Application” page will prompt you to enter some required data from your end. When you are sure that all of the information you have provided is complete and accurate, click “Submit”. Make sure that you confirm to submitting the modification application by choosing “Yes”.

To complete the successful submission, simply select “OK”. You will find additional Information about this procedure in the Hukoomi portal as well.

If you still have not activated your account as a shipping agent, simply submit copies of your valid commercial register, your administrative supervisor’s ID, your establishment ID, the ID of your authorized signatory, your customs clearing license, as well as your commercial license. If you still have further concerns, you can always check the User Guide for Shipping Agents and Shipping Lines or the website of the General Authority of Customs so that you can find more detailed data about how to modify your maritime and air manifesto online. Otherwise, you may also get in touch with the call center at 136.

Customs forms may include the information required for vehicle registration in the system, request of temporary importation, supplier registration, and extension request of temporary importation. Take note that there are various customs tariff types that the State of Qatar applies in compliance with the Harmonized System of the World Customs Organization. Customs taxes may be a percentage of goods value, with the exception of tobacco and its derivatives. In cases such as these, “the tax structure is determined with the minimum of customs tax of 100% on the value or a customs tax estimated by number or weight, whichever is greater.”

There are four categories for customs tariff, namely, exempted, 5%, 100% and 125%. Exemptions may be for goods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, live animals for human consumption, meat and dairy, newspapers, books, fresh and frozen fish, magazines, advertising, catalogs, publications, and media. For items such as perfumes, clothing, television, electronic appliances, cars, video devices, and computers, 5% will be applied.

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