How to apply to modify Customs Declaration before inspection in Qatar

How to apply to modify Customs Declaration before inspection in Qatar

If you are a customs clearing agent, you may search for customs declaration modifications online. These applications are then submitted to the Qatar General Authority of Customs either to be approved or rejected. In cases where you wish to make any sort of modifications to the customs declaration, you may apply for the revision so long as there is no appointed inspector for the case as of yet.

You can facilitate this whole procedure online by simply logging on to the Al Nadeeb system. A list on the right side of the page will appear. Make sure that you select “Declaration Modification”. Then, you will be prompted by the “Search for Declaration to Modify” page to enter necessary information as a requirement. Afterward, select your declaration type and hit “Search”.

In the “Search Results” page, you can find the link to the customs declaration number. Input the required information again in the “Create Declaration Modification Application” page. Click “Submit” when you are done.

Finally, you need to confirm the submission of the application to modify by hitting “Yes”, then “OK” once the successful application submission is complete. If you are the customs clearing agent who submitted the declaration, you may submit the application for revision as well as follow up online on the status of the application. You can also check the User Guide for Customs Clearing Agencies for more information, or the Hukoomi portal for more guidance. If you wish to speak to a customer representative, you may ask for further assistance by calling the call center at 136.

The Al Nadeeb system was made to facilitate the convenience of these procedures via technological developments. These necessary advancements can help play an active role in making sure that the customs department of the State of Qatar is at the forefront of globalization and IT development.

According to the system, the following are the rules that help organize the flow of goods in the country:

  • “Information authenticity validation rules
  • Tariff management rules
  • Valuation management rules
  • Risk management rules
  • Selectivity rules
  • Post Clearance audit rules
  • Most committed companies approbation rules”

Government agencies may also benefit, as the system can assist in implementing the policies with a more consolidated approach. Government agencies are able to access operational information easily for optimum performance. Errors are reduced, as well as work cycle times improved for more efficiency and productivity.

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