How to Apply for Social Assistance Allowance for the Abandoned Wife in Qatar

There are many different circumstances that may arise to prevent a family from earning the proper income for a good quality of life. While job loss and other untoward incidents may happen at any time, it’s also entirely possible for a family to live an uneventful life until the death of a loved one. These difficult circumstances are hard to discuss, but for those living in Qatar, the government provides a helping hand to somehow help families get back on their feet after a devastating loss.

For instance, the government allows for a certain amount of pension for orphans and those who are unable to support themselves financially. There are also various economic and social assistance services that the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) offers to various individuals. One such service is the social assistance allowance for an abandoned wife in Qatar.

Who counts as an abandoned wife? Any woman who is abandoned must have legal proof from the court that she was abandoned by her husband. This must be duly proven via a proper court ruling. As such, the abandoned wife no longer has a breadwinner in her household who is capable of providing a sufficient amount of income to support her financially. The loss of income renders her unable to live a good quality of life.

Note that in order to receive any kind of social assistance from the government, the abandoned wife must not have an income received from the husband who abandoned her in order for her to spend on personal expenses. This abandoned wife can apply for a social security pension from MADLSA as stated.

To do so, one must apply in person at the MADLSA for the Social Security Pension. She can easily visit the convenient offices of the MADLSA and duly fill out the application form with all of the necessary information. Completely fill up the Application for Social Security Pension Abandoned Woman form, which can be easily accessible via the MADLSA Website. You may also acquire the application form from the MADLSA offices themselves.

Be sure to fill out the form with all of the correct information. Any inaccuracy may result in delays or even rejection of the submission. You must also submit the form along with necessary paperwork, such as the QID card of the applicant, as well as the QID card of the husband. You must also attach the official court ruling that legally states that the husband has abandoned the wife. Lastly, be sure to submit your bank account information as well.

Once all of the required documents have been submitted, the relevant government authorities will verify the submission and validate all of the information in the form and in the proper paperwork. Once the verification process is successful, the abandoned wife may claim a new Social Security pensioner’s card. This will be announced for collection at a specific date.

Keep in mind that in order to qualify for the pension, the abandoned wife must be residing in the State during the time of the application. You may reach MADLSA at 16008, 40288888 or send an email to for more information.

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