How to Apply for Residency Extension Approval to Workers and Labor Approval Renewal Request in Qatar

How to Apply for Residency Extension Approval to Workers and Labor Approval Renewal Request in Qatar

The Hukoomi portal is a bit of a one-stop-shop for all things online and for other important services provided by the Qatar government for its citizens and residents. It can also provide much-needed assistance to various corporations, workers, employers, and institutions when it comes to submitting forms, requesting approvals, or procuring important records.

For topics on Business and Finance and Employment and Workplace Audience services, you may submit a labor approval request online for six months not exceeding five years from approval date.

To do so online, simply input your ID, your establishment ID, as well as the necessary cell phone numbers and contact details. Then, click “Enter”, and enter the labor request number. Choose the appropriate year, then click “Search.

If all of the information that you entered is correct, then a message will prompt you to confirm your renewal request. You can select “Add” to finish. Keep in mind that if the data that you entered does not match the information that was previously entered in the system, a message prompt will appear that tells you to check the data again for accuracy of information.

You can also check and view existing and past approval requests in the system. Should you need more information, simply get in touch with tel: 44241111، 44241101, fax: 44241796, or via the email address of

Additionally, businesses may choose to submit an online request to the Standing Committee for Recruitment at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs. This is for the purpose of receiving residency extension approval for employees. Conditions must be met as well, including that the date of the approval issuance does not exceed five years.

Simply go online and input the Establishment ID number as well as the registered QID number. Include the registered mobile number as well, and click “Enter”.

It’s important to maintain good relationships between employees and employers at all times in order to foster a healthier and happier working environment. This is why it’s important for businesses to submit requests on behalf of employees when needed, and why the MADLSA provides assistance to both employers and employees when it comes to issues, conflict resolutions, submissions, guidelines, streamlining processes, paperwork, and so on.

After all, it is the mission of the ministry to “upgrade the performance of the government apparatus, control and develop the performance of the labour market and ensure the welfare and stability of society in order to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030. This can be achieved by supervising the implementation of the legislations governing the Ministry’s fields of work, and social affairs with the best techniques and professional expertise, and in cooperation with government authorities, professional associations and regional and international organizations and institutions that are working in the same area.”

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