How to Apply for Lifting Ban on Establishment in Qatar

How to Apply for Lifting Ban on Establishment in Qatar

The Ministry of Development, Labour and Social Affairs has launched an official service in order to help companies to apply for a lifting of certain bans. This process can be done online in order to facilitate the submissions and for more efficient results.

Now, why would a company be banned in the first place? This will likely be due to violations made by the company against provisions of Labour Law No. 14 of 2004 and ministerial resolutions implementing it. The suspension can be lifted on the transactions of the company should all violations be rectified and removed.

For instance, if a company has been reported and proven to be providing unfair wages or paying out salaries that are not in a timely manner, there can be serious repercussions for the company due to violation of the Qatar Labour Law. It may also lose the support of the Ministry with its day-to-day operations. This is because all companies must transfer the wages of their employees via banks, with the exception of government entities, embassies, and petroleum companies.

Other provisions of the law include Minister of Civil Service Affairs and Housing Decree No. 11/2005 which talks about the various occupations that are exempted from regulating limited work hours, as well as Law No. 1 of 2015 that discusses in detail the compensation and the enforcement of wages that are due to employees. It may also regulate provisions on the Entry, Exit, and Residency of Foreign Nationals with Law No. 21 of 2015.

Companies can request for this service via the official website of the Ministry. The following conditions must be duly met:

The company or the establishment must be able to join the WPS wage protection system. Afterward, the employer should be able to transfer the salaries of its employees properly via the WPS. This should be done properly without interruption. Then, the number of employees that are working in the company or establishment should match the number of payroll records as well.

In cases where there is a shortage in the payroll records or a discrepancy that is caused by the employee who is working outside of the country, the employer must be able to produce proof of such an incident. If an employee is not there due to an escape report, a court case, or he or she has been loaned to a different establishment, then the proof of the same must also be attached. The same is true if the employee is deceased.

Take note that if the employee has been outside the country already for more than 6 months, then he or she should be cancelled from his or her sponsorship.

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