How to Apply for Children’s Nursery License (Individuals and Companies) in Qatar

How to Apply for Children’s Nursery License (Individuals and Companies) in Qatar

In the fields of Religion and Community, Business, and Finance, both individuals and companies are allowed to avail of an online service to help them submit an application to the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs (MADLSA) for a license request. In particular, this request is to obtain a license for opening a children’s nursery. This is in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (1) of 2014, which duly regulates the various activities of nurseries.

This online service is one of the many ways that the government makes it easier and more efficient for all parties to be able to facilitate businesses and other personal paperwork in the State of Qatar.

To accomplish this request online, simply download and fill up the application form which is readily available on the service information page. You can access this after you choose the “Family Affairs Department” menu in the “E-Services & E-Forms” page.

When you send your application request, please do make sure that you attach a copy of the QID card as well as the academic qualification of both the licensee and the manager. Do not forget to include all of the required documents in the nursery licensing documents’ table. While doing so, you must also submit the application via the Department’s email address. You may also visit the service location at the Family Affairs Department in Al Huda Tower (View Google Maps).

Here’s another important tip: whenever you plan to submit any kind of official paperwork in the State of Qatar, remember that everything must be attested for verification and authenticity, as well as translated into the official Arabic language as mandated by law to avoid any issues with your documents further down the road.

You also have the option to Request Nursery Permit for Govt and Semi Govt Entities in accordance with the provisions of Law No.1 of 2014 Regulating the Activities of Nursery Schools. In the same way, you may download and fill in the paper form. Afterward, you will simply have to attach a copy of the QID of the person who is requesting the permit. Then, attach the QIDs of all of the necessary authorized signatories. Do not forget to attach a copy of the QID and the academic qualification of the nursery principal as well.

Remember: being able to submit all of the requirements accurately and in a timely manner will ensure that your application will go smoothly without a hitch. It will also prevent any delays in the back-and-forth processing of missing requirements. This is why it’s important to have a trusted service provider who will be able to facilitate all of the necessary paperwork for you with a minimal cost.

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