Handcrafted city of Lusail leads Qatar into the future

Handcrafted city of Lusail leads Qatar into the future

Sleek, diversified, and exceedingly post-oil, the city of Lusail boosts the Qatar economy and skyrockets it to all-new heights. The coastal metropolis is home to towering glass structures and gigantic beacons of steel and concrete. The city built from scratch has a grand scale that’s matched only by its equally grand ambition.

Born from the mission to diversify from oil dependence, Lusail is now a showpiece in the Qatar National Vision 2030 with its sustainable development plan and renewable energy sources. There will be a city train network that boasts of four main lines and 36 stations across a whopping 24 miles, as well as water-sensitive landscaping plans with an aim of reducing carbon footprints. As per Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) standards, there will be underground tunnels that carry chilled water pipes for a more environmentally friendly cooling system that’s more energy efficient. A vacuum network and well-planned sewerage system will treat waste. The resulting grey water can be used to water green areas in the city.

The independent urban centre is connected to Doha, the capital of Qatar, and will boast of futuristic marinas, business districts, shopping hubs, golf courses, and artificial islands.

Lusail is also in part a response to the dramatically growing population of Qatar, which is still growing by the number of foreign workers and talented professionals entering into the State from developing nations such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Indeed, the post-oil era of Qatar is certainly nearer now that Lusail is at the forefront of the dream.

Varying neighbourhoods feature varying designs as well, from Italian architecture to more traditional facades. The 2022 football World Cup will also be hosted here in the planned 80,000-seat stadium. Offices, commercial districts, leisure and recreational hubs, and residential areas with neighbourhood villas and even golf courses are only some of the features of the city. There will be four islands, two marinas, commercial towers, hospitals, sports arenas, five stadiums, schools, mosques, public avenues, world-class hotels, and cultural centres.

For instance, the Energy City Qatar will be an oil and gas hub, while the Marina District will feature waterfront residential areas as well as mixed-use, commercial facilities. As a subsidiary of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) has a total cost of approximately $45bn for this project. There will be an estimated population of 450,000 once it is completed.

The smart city not only has more than enough attractive opportunities for foreign investments and business ventures, but it also employs the latest and most updated technologies when it comes to the safety of its citizens and visitors. All individuals can rest assured that there is a peaceful environment in the city, with its centralised control centre that offers thorough surveillance and high-quality security systems all over.

Now, even more, as the developments grow each day, looking at the towering skyscrapers and the wide expanse of green will make anyone believe that a bigger, better, greener future is indeed within reach.

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