Custom Clearance 101: The Basics

Custom Clearance 101: The Basics

Qatar has one of the most lucrative business environments in the region, with a rapidly growing economy and a thriving worldwide import and export industry. The healthy trade and exchange of goods is expanding on a global scale every single day, which is why there are a myriad of import and export regulations that need to be implemented properly in order to maintain a competitive, reliable, and streamlined system of operations for all goods entering and exiting the country.

What are the customs clearance policies in Qatar that every good importer and exporter needs to know? All goods, no matter what kind, need to pass customs clearance and control. The law requires that shipping agents present their manifest at the border point to the necessary customs authority stationed there.

For better ease of access, clearing agents and importers have the option to check for more details and additional information through the online Customs Clearance Single Window “Al-Nadeeb” from the General Authority of Customs. Information about various tariffs, as well as duty calculations, is easily accessible there. Once logged in, a user can make duty payments, view company details or modify them, access various customs records and data, and complete a wide variety of documents like manifests and customs declarations.

In order to register for a Customs Clearance Single Window login, an individual has to fill out the necessary application form online and attach pertinent information such as the Authorized Signatory ID copy, Establishment ID copy, Administrative Supervisor ID copy, Commercial Registration copy, Commercial License copy, and the Customs Clearance License copy. Once these are properly submitted to the General Authority of Customs, you will receive a customs code to log in.

All foreign importers operating in Qatar must have an import license, which is issued to Qatari nationals only, or a Qatari partner in a limited liability partnership. The company must be duly registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. For instance, import licenses are required for imported meats (which includes poultry and beef products), and will also require a “Halal” slaughter certificate and a health certificate among others. Required documents for importers include the following:

  • a detailed customs declaration
  • pro forma invoice
  • certificate of origin
  • import license
  • inspection of goods directed by the Director General at the customs section

Make sure that all information stated is a hundred percent accurate, and that the details on the shipment all match the data inputted on the certificate of origin and official invoice. Any discrepancies will keep the shipment from being accepted for clearance.

All of these paperwork requirements, including packing lists and mandatory invoices, need to be duly translated and fully authenticated and attested by a certified consultancy provider like Afreno to ensure that the shipment will not be rejected for clearance. Your consultancy partner must also have good, long-standing, and solid liaisons with the necessary bodies of authority in the government to help facilitate the processing of various paperwork.

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