Basic Things You Need to Know When Getting a Police Clearance in Qatar

Basic Things You Need to Know When Getting a Police Clearance in Qatar

Commonly known as PCC or Police Clearance Certificate, it is an official document issued by the Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) to clear the applicant for any criminal record including but not limited to arrest, conviction, and related administrative proceedings. CEID is under Ministry of Interior, which is the main government body responsible for maintaining security and peace within the country.

Who Needs Police Clearance Certificate?

There are many reasons why one would need a PCC. Most of the time, it is a basic requirement for applying jobs. But you’ll also need Police Clearance Certificate when:

  • Planning to study abroad
  • For immigration purposes, e.g. visa
  • Doing business overseas
  • Building a business or establishment
  • For licensed practitioners
  • Working as a tourist guide
  • Getting married
  • Other commercial activities
What Do You Need to Obtain PCC?

Depending on how the document is going to be used, getting a Police Clearance in Qatar involves submitting different set of requirements. Local citizens must comply with the standards mandated by law, while tourists and expatriates must provide additional documents to prove their purpose as well as legitimacy. Factors such as your duration of stay in the country, type of certificate, and intention of application would also be assessed.

The basic requirements of getting a Police Clearance Certificate in Qatar varies but it generally includes completed application forms, certified copy of documents, resident permit, passport, photos, and other related paperwork. If you’re going to use it for academic and employment purposes, you must submit ancillary documents like offer letter from employers, educational certificates, and police clearance from origin country.

Validity and Processing Time of Police Clearance Certificate

Generally, getting a PCC should be fast and easy, but other factors might influence the processing time such as the period you’ve completed the documents and if there are criminal records found under your name. It can take anywhere from 14 days up to 2 months for the assessment of your PCC. When it comes to validity, rules and regulation differ depending on country and territory. But in Qatar, the Police Clearance Certificate is only valid for no more than 6 months.

How Can You Apply If You Are Outside the Country?

Even if you are residing or vacationing outside the country, you can still get a Police Clearance Certificate provided that you will submit all required documents. You need to send clear copies of the requirements along with your full set of original fingerprints and three passport size photos. Also, you need to obtain and submit Good Conduct Certificate from the current country and letter stating your reason or purpose.

If you don’t have the time or having difficulties completing the requirements, you can ask the assistance of a local firm to help you get Police Clearance Certificate in a fast and convenient manner.

Where to Seek Help?

For questions and clarifications regarding PCC, contact the nearest Ministry of Interior office within your area or visit their website for more information.

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